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A Weekend in Birmingham for our Active Family Adventurers

A Weekend in Birmingham for our Active Family Adventurers

Leaving the natural outdoor playground that is Pembrokeshire & Bluestone Wales, we’ve headed inland and back into England to see just what Birmingham has to offer our intrepid family adventurers. So where better to start in this city that’s famous for it’s chocolate heritage than at Cadburys World… But first we needed to burn off some of those eventual choices, so we headed for the brilliant climbing centre at Rock Up Birmingham.

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So imagine holidays spent jumping into the sub-tropical pool for yet another splash around with the kids or evenings enjoying the numerous activities/shows on offer for all ages.  All this in an idyllic setting amongst palm trees and flowers….. the perfect recipe for some rest and relaxation!!
Birmingham has a series of brilliant family opportunities that we hope to take advantage of this weekend, but a trip to Rock Up Birmingham had certainly inspired both girls… fresh from their climbing experiences in Exeter, both girls have decided that they love climbing. Not just for the personal challenges, health benefits or the series of fun climbing walls.. But because they love the fact that it’s a great family experience. Especially as we all get to climb together and challenge each other. Whether it’s the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ or ‘Leap of Faith’… there’s always an opportunity to test yourself!
It’s interesting that both girls started their interest in climbing in one of the best natural outdoor playgrounds in Eidfjord in Norway. But they’ve really taken to the climbing walls they’ve seen in Exeter & Birmingham… Whether it’s the speed wall or the opportunity to climb the ‘Cheese Wall’… All offer a range of experiences that have certainly improved our girl’s climbing techniques…

But in truth, we’re just glad that they have found another method of exercise that they enjoying doing together.. So we’ll add it to the love for kayaking that inspired our trip, and hopefully they’ll be climbers for life!!! Most importantly, there’s a real ‘Can Do’ mentality developing which we love – just like the #THISGIRLCAN campaign


Cadbury’s World also has a great breadth of activities – from 4D cinemas through to live chocolate making demonstrations… It does well to keep children’s attention throughout and offers the chance to burn off some energy outside in it’s adventure playground!

It’s clearly developed the tour over it’s 20+ year existence and we were really impressed with the attention to detail in the interactive chocolate exhibits… they seemed to work just as well for our age of children, yet seemed to have as much for toddlers too.. .. which is a pretty decent effort if you ask us!

So would we recommend it? Absolutely, if you want to discover a little more about Bournville‘s amazing social history, or if you’d like to discover just how chocolate has evolved over the years – .You can even take a trip back through the rainforests of Mexico…  what child doesn’t love that!!

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