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Trundling around Trogir with ‘OurTour’

Awaking to the sound of the sea lapping against the white pebbly beach… you could be forgiven for thinking we had been transported to the Caribbean…rather than Camping Rozac in Trogir

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You could be forgiven for thinking we had been transported to the Caribbean… this wonderful island campsite (Rozac) has perhaps the best beachfront locations of the trip so far…. gently sloping beaches through crystal clear water.. all no more than 20ft from the Adria’s side door..

But not before we had enjoyed a wonderful morning meeting fellow bloggers, Jay and Julie (from OurTour)..

Perhaps one of our favourite blogs/websites… a brilliant series of helpful hints and ideas all done with a good dose of self deprecating humour!! But it wasn’t just an exchange of stories, ideas and plans ahead… we were also treated to a masterclass in semaphore from Julie, as we moved sites to escape the uneven pitch…..

With both girls in their element, dipping in the sea (with Charlie) then racing off to enjoy the campsite playground, we spent an enjoyable day in Jay/Julie’s good company… but with thoughts turning to the ever ticking clock as we head towards Slovenia and the Adria factory visit… we headed into Trogir to enjoy the sights in the late afternoon sunshine….

Trogir dates back to the 3rd century BC with a Greek ancestry courtesy of its fame as the ‘island of goats’, moving under Roman rule in 48BC it grew in popularity and influence… its architecture takes a Byzantine influence as it gained the protection of this empire until 1123 when it was destroyed by the Saracens… since then in more recent times, both Hungary and the Venetians have gained control but Trogir certainly deserves its UNESCO World Heritage site status awarded in 1997.

With the Civic museum, Land Gate, Starfileo Palace and Cathedral of St Lawrence in Trogir, we were not struggling for places to see… in fact the Kamerlengo Fortress could have taken longer to visit… but with a series of history lessons underway from the moment we stepped into the ancient Loggia (where Libby ruled the courtroom!) it was a captivating glance into history from yesteryear… the walled, fortified city full of charm and cobbled streets…

Ice creams were demolished before heading back over the hill and into camp…. two tired girls await the pleasures of Split tomorrow but we hope to meet up with our new friend again… maybe in Scandinavia which appears to be a potential joint destination…


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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