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Savouring our last full day at La Marina…..

Savouring our last full day at La Marina…..

A busy last day started as we secure one final day on our pitch…. sadly others will come to enjoy the special place that La Marina is tomorrow… But, we still had one more day!!!!

So after a busy start as we tidied the pitch and got ready, we then started on some duolingo….. it has become a family race to see who is the best at Spanish!!!

After the normal run into the shops to get bread, we also managed to pick up a small outdoor stove to cook on… can’t wait to try this later on in the trip!

Although the weather was blustery, it was still reasonably warm (if your a polar explorer!!!) so the girls dragged their Dad into the water park for a final time. To be fair, Mum had done the stint yesterday, so it was only fair as the girls donned wetsuits for the first time!!!

Although windy it was great fun and so good to see Libby make friends with another younger camper, whilst the rest of the water park was deserted!!!

Back to the van for lunch and then another golf lesson with Richard (carefully concealed as an info gather for the trip ahead!!!) This information will be invaluable as Richard and his wife have followed the exact same path (last winter) and we will now try to use their stops as much as possible as we enter Andalusia and Portugal. With the wind making it almost impossible to hold a drink on the table, we returned to the pitch and made one last attempt at a BBQ!!

But the final part of the evening was equally as good as we spent time with Reina/Erwin in their wonderful Concorde motorhome and also with Janette/Gunther in their Frankia!! Although we have no wish to replace ‘Taylor’ (Swift) as she is brilliant for our journey, it was certainly an eye opening experience over a nice beer and lemonade (and more sweeties for the girls). It was equally good to share information on where to visit the UK and certainly to hear their thoughts on where to visit Germany.

We really have been very lucky to have these wonderful people and equally lucky to have Glen/Dick on hand across the road. They have been fantastic with the girls and helped us with our on going Gas saga (amongst other things…)

All in all, it will be a real wrench to leave tomorrow…. but we will certainly remember La Marina fondly!!!

(Post script – I have now included some pictures of the damage caused by last night’s storm… unbelievable rain and our canopy came down and damaged (only cosmetic)  the top of the van (and caused us to have 2hrs sleep… not ideal for the 5hr journey tomorrow to Granada and a chance to see the magnificent Alhambra)

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