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Super cool San Sebastian….

Super cool San Sebastian….

Wonderful day in a wonderful place! Zany, super chic and full of people having fun!!! San Sebastian has the views to match the energy of it’s townsfolk ….. endless runners, surfers, cyclists seem to populate the beach and it’s fantastic promenade/cycle tracks….

The sea was in it’s element today – in fact elemental is a good word to describe the 30ft waves that crashed into the sea walls…. Clearly this was too good an opportunity to miss, so from the relative safety of the sea walls, we played dodge the waves and see who can get the wettest… one somehow seemed to cancel the other out, but it was great (but wet) fun!

Onto the aquarium, via a lift!!! not too unusual…. but bearing in mind we had 4 bikes too!! it was a first for any of us!!!! The aquarium was fantastic and far more than just endless fish tanks… it had superb displays on the history of whaling, the area’s maritime history and fish anatomy… It was truly enthralling and we were highly entertained… with the ubiquitous big shark present in the main tank… we all left more than happy…

Back onto the bikes for another decent trek around the town and it’s promenades before returning to the van to change out of the wet clothes and then back to base…..

Will we manage Bilbao in the morning?? Will Libby get to join the many surfers at San Sebastian tomorrow or will we goto Pamplona to see the route of the bull running…. Choices, choices, choices???

san sebastián

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