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Soaking up the Sicilian Sun in Taormina with new friends…

Soaking up the Sicilian Sun in Taormina with new friends…

Sometimes, its not always the place that creates the happy memories.. sometimes its the people you meet along the way…. Some are friends that you arrange to meet up with, some are new acquaintances that you meet enroute… and sometimes serendipity takes a hand and you meet like minded fellow travellers that you wish you could spend more time with…

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We have all enjoyed meeting fellow travelling bloggers Kevin, Kirsten and little Jemima today in sunny Taormina… this fantastic site with its private beach overlooking the hills of Taormina was supposed to be a momentary stop on the way back to the mainland…
But a chance meeting, great opportunity to swop stories of our joint travels led to an unexpectedly brilliant afternoon and evening culminating in another instalment of our girls bakery blog… but this time with some new guests on board…

A sunny, hot day on the beach with young children was the perfect chance to down tools and remember why we started this journey… a chance to re-invest as a family in what really matters… meeting new people, new friends and enjoying being a family… thankfully we managed both and to end it all with the sound of laughter / giggles from some very happy young ladies was the perfect end to a wonderful day… good food, good company and a hot sunny day!!! What more could you want….

Oops by the way, for those using this blog to help plan their trips, Taormina looked wonderful (from afar)… sadly I can’t add more!!! Maybe that’s one left for another time… maybe we will get back here again… you just never know!!!


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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