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Sintra Palace and a trip to the Atlantic Coastline!

The colourful hill town of Sintra boasts three palaces, an old Moorish Castle, a gothic mansion, and miles of forested hiking paths. It’s a special Portuguese gem not to be missed…. but team it up with a chance to visit the spectacular coastline too… and you’ve got the receipt for a perfect day in Portugal!

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Having though it couldn’t get any better than yesterday… it maybe just surpassed it!!!! A day spent in this order – Beach, Castle, Dinner out! A great combination when you have kids involved who want knowledge, fun and food!! Sintra beach was the first destination but we headed west towards the westerly edge of Portugal and a stunning beach with a small natural swimming pool…  despite not intending too, the aerobie and its disappearance into the Atlantic!!! put paid to that!!!


So the kids and Richard (note the 3 adults not partaking!!!) all jumped in and had a number of swimming challenges (thanks Den!) before pelting each other with sand grenades!! Great fun! After traipsing up the steep cliff path (twice in Keir’s case!!) we headed back to the windmill to change clothes, grab some of that excellent Shepherds Pie and get ready to leave out own separate ways!!! Of course that thought lasted only a few minutes before we all realised we still liked each other enough to stay yet one more night together in Sintra!


So with dusk descending, new plans were hatched, we left the Windmill and headed into Sintra to see the amazingly beautiful (if a little odd) Palacio de Pena. This meant a shelter skelter taxi ride up, before enjoying a sensational 2hrs inside and outside the castle with the fog clinging to the castle. Hugely atmospheric!!!
This was then followed by a truly fantastic dinner in San Pedro, with the wine flowing, pulled pork by the bucket!!! we salivated and consumed as much as we could (some even gnawed the actual bones, hey Rana!). Before taking short stroll back to the football pitches and our motorhome aire for the night!!!




so where did we park the bus for the night?

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