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Motorhoming in Italy | Visiting the unmissable Pompei

Motorhoming in Italy | Visiting the unmissable Pompei

Visiting Pompei is an assault on your senses.. It’s just such a thought provoking place with an almost tangible sense of history that simply surrounds you from the moment you step into the ancient town that was buried in ash so many years ago. It’s just such a special Ed-Venture opportunity not to be missed with kids….

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There are some places that a guide book never fully describes… it simply couldn’t.. Pompei has endured, it has survived… it is scarcely believable that such a vast sprawling settlement could literally be buried completely within 24hrs. It has always been top of our list to see, and the girls have spent time watching videos about Pompei & checked out the guidebooks in the van… but even these do not come close to the real thing…


Situated just outside Naples, perhaps unluckily positioned…..a freak change of winds blew the ash cloud NW of Naples from the imposing Vesuvius that sits astride the bay. It has been very well preserved and needs a tour guide or at the very least an audio guide… a wise person one told me to get a guide for a day, then come back and visit on your own the day after… perhaps we should have listened…

It is so well preserved that children’s remains can be seen in the cabinets that surround parts of the museums, the biggest collection of roman urns is still intact whilst the ‘Casas’ of the rich/famous are equally well preserved… with atriums and mosaic lined pools seemingly at every turn… vast boulders protrude from the main streets conjuring up images of people from yesteryear playing ‘leap frog’ to avoid the perils of the gutters!


We probably should have given this more time (perhaps 2 days), but having visited Ostia Antica…. there is only so much our girls could manage… that said, the day we spent in Pompei will live long in our’ll not be disappointed by what you find there… its a truly iconic Ed-Venture that every child will benefit from.



so where did we park the bus for the night?

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