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Product Reviews | Helinox Camping Gear

Product Reviews | Helinox Camping Gear

When people think of camping gear. Certain brands often crop up because of their fashionable reputation. However in our experience sometimes motorhome payload issues kicks in… and they’re just too heavy. So here’s our review of the awesome uber lightweight Helinox Camping Gear.. Just perfect for those needing to pack light in a motorhome….

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Why pay more when you can get a cheaper one from any high street store these days…. A fair and valid question that we asked ourselves before contacting Helinox about their lightweight camping furniture… Why you ask? Well these guys have a unique position in the market, being both uber lightweight and of the highest quality possible. With a quality that sees them regularly head up serious mountains…. plus they have a lifetime guarantee too!


Nothing could be further from the truth! But quality is important and normally this results in heavier camping furniture… As motorhome weight regulations now affect both over 70 and younger drivers, the need to fit a families kit under the 3500kg weight limit is increasingly important.
The 900g high quality mesh ‘Camping Chair’ squeezes into a 19.7x5x4.3 inch bag yet has enviable support that is lacking in other full size rivals. The matching mesh ‘Table One’ is 24 x16x16 inches (16x4x4 packed) and weights only 600g! So both for only 1.5kg, thats got to help your payload! Conveniently, both fit in a small micro rucksack too.. so you have a decent cuppa on the move!!! Do you have a favourite armchair? Do you sit in the same seats when you get in the car? I do!! So I reckon it’s sensible to get something that lasts… not just for the duration of a single holiday!

The aluminium poles and high quality plastic moulds exude precision, whilst the mesh chair fabric comfortably houses even the most sturdy of individuals.


Always a hard question that only you can answer…A chair that takes seconds to assemble, comfortably sits in my backpack and weighs less than a kg…. That’ll probably work for me! The ‘Table One’ lacks height but is perfect for coffee mugs (in it’s placeholders) and is surprisingly durable…  if you are looking for comfort either beside a campfire or above sand level on a beach… this might just fit your needs

Whilst the ‘Camping Chair’ is ideal for uneven ground, feels sturdy and well screwed together… but it is probably worth spending the extra on the ‘Camping Chair’ rather than it’s smaller brother the ‘Chair One’

Would we continue to add to our growing Helinox collection? Looking at payload moving forwards its going to continue to be an issue for those with out ‘grandfather driving rights’. We certainly do… So for peace of mind and durability, we’d have no issues in adding more Helinox kit….

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