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Product Review | Diamondbrite Motorhome Protection

Product Review | Diamondbrite Motorhome Protection

Motorhomes are a big personal investment and often become the owner’s pride and joy. So it stands to reason you’d protect it (inside and out). But why buy direct from a leading company like Diamondbrite when you can get a cheaper products from Halfords these days…..

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AA fair and valid question that we asked ourselves before contacting Diamondbrite… The products require a two fold process, and we felt this would be worth the initial outlay to ensure our motorhome gained the ultimate protection… especially as we anticipated travelling over 30,000 miles on our ‘Year in Europe’. With frequent weather challenges, trundles up mountainous passes and Sahara trade winds… it was always going to present a real challenge to any product.

So how has it fared after 10,000 miles?

Well the recent trip to the Adriatic certainly tested it to the full but it has passed with flying colours. The paintwork looks as good as new and has proved easy to maintain


Nothing could be further from the truth! But quality is important and normally this results in more cost…As motorhomes have a sizeable cost implication when purchasing new, it seems sensible to try and protect that initial investment. The first treatment requires a perfectly clean van before a thin, sticky resin is applied to the outside of the motorhome. This is then left to dry whilst the inside fabric gets a treatment designed to protect from spills inside

Others are cheaper and offer the same functionality, why not use them?

The initial cost is certainly something to consider but we believe it has provided us with a cost effective solution that will protect our motorhome over the sizeable ‘guaranteed’ period

The ongoing maintenance via the superb cleaning pack has given us conditioners, insect remover (used by Our Tour successfully too!), shampoo, waterless wax, fabric stain remover and some excellent glass cleaner…. not to mention the excellent microfibre towel which makes it a quick, easy process from start to finish


Always a hard question that only you can answer… A motorhome that still gets positive comments for how new it looks, a chance to recoup as much as possible when we come to sell…. That’ll probably work for me! The Diamondbrite products are obviously a full cleaning and protection service and some may prefer to focus only on the ‘showroom shine’ or solving tricky stains….

For us, we wanted to use this to show both girls how important it is to treat things with respect and to learn to value what we have…. although they’ve equally enjoyed the frequent trips onto the top of the van which clearly appears to be the perfect, well defended site to start some epic water fights….

The choice is yours to make, but we can certainly recommend the treatment and cleaning pack

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