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A Princesses view at Christiansborg Palace

A Princesses view at Christiansborg PalaceScore 0%Score 0%

What a family adventure!!! A chance to see a royal palace and what an amazing experience! Since the first castle was erected in 1167, the Christiansborg Palace has stood tall and proud over this region! Undeterred by fires in 1794 and again in 1884, it is a source of real national pride.

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It’s rich history dates back before Copenhagen grew in prominence. Whilst the current building houses both the democratically appointed parliament and the royal family… a true statement of synergy!!!

Situated no more than 1km from the outstandingly beautiful Nyhavn, it is easily reached by bike so we took the 10km journey in again… such a pleasure to see the city on two wheels!

Our visit was split into 4 parts – Royal Palace, Copper Kitchen, Parliament and the Ruins of the old Palace. All well worthy of at least 1-2hrs each and each captivated the girls for differing reasons… Perhaps the best was the ‘Tapestries of the Kings‘ which was brilliantly supported by a downloadable app/commentary


Although the tower takes additional time, it’s worth trying to gain access to the impressive views from the Tarnet Towerwhich allows views to Sweden and across the beautiful architecture that Copenhagen is so famed for.

With excellent information boards across all fours areas, it is one of those places that you simply didn’t want to rush…. immersing yourselves in the rich furnishings of the royal reception rooms or trying to see your faces in the copper pans in the Royal Kitchen.. Both fun and educational, it was well worth the day spent here!


Palatial Royal Rooms

Donning the blue ‘shoe socks’ we headed up the palatial staircase into the reception rooms of the Danish Royal Family… The rooms were as impressive as we had expected but perhaps we hadn’t expected the amazing contemporary art on display… a real nod to the future and both girls loved the special ‘Tapestries of the King’, the Golden Thrones, Queen’s library and much more…

Even finding time to stare longingly at the glittering tiaras on display in the gift shop..


Royal Stables

Both girls now consider themselves budding ‘horsewomen’ so this was clearly going to be a visit to be enjoyed…. they wandered around, pausing to give their ‘considered opinions’ and ‘reflections’ on what tack was used for what, why the horses needed to be ‘out for pasture at this time of the year’ and what each stable block is deigned for…


​Brilliant to see a growing enthusiasm for horses grow… although we can feel our wallets trembling at the thought too!!

Need a map to help you?

christiansborg palace

so where did we park the bus for the night?

our top tips to help you?

Top tip number 1 – Allow a whole day for your trip as there is plenty to keep you busy! Make sure you have a device with you to download the tour app.

Top tip number 2 – Due to the delicate nature of some of the ornaments bags and pushchairs are not allowed in the palace, but lockers are provided.

Top Tip Number 3– Check the availability if the Royal reception rooms before you visit. They are occasionally closed or open at different times.

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