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Motorhoming in Sicily | Biking to to the Birds Nest that is Erice

Motorhoming in Sicily | Biking to to the Birds Nest that is Erice

What a place to grab a bike ride in Sicily! The hilltop village was wonderful, it felt like life a million years ago… and we could even imagine the Good Friday friars parade heading up the cobbled streets and past the pastry shops towards the central church…. It has been around for centuries, passed between new civilisations  such as the Phoenicians, Carthargians, Romans yet it has an almost French (Norman) feel with its towering grey walls… One to visit if you’re ever in Sicily!

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Wow! The Adria took a battering overnight due to the Saharan Sirocco winds. Leaving it covered in black sand this morning… So the first job was a quick wash to get rid of most of the muck before we headed out for the day… but perhaps not before seeing the arid vegetation and the climbing faces here at Bahira… Both girls are now converts to climbing and we will do more as the trip unfolds!!!

There are some truly amazing climbing faces here at El Bahira on San Vito La Capo…. it’s apparently real attraction for seasoned climbers and novices…plus there’s a real community feel this morning… perhaps helped by everyone battening down the hatches to avoid the winds from last night…

But the bikes were beckoning us so we grabbed the chance and headed out on some rocky coastal trails around the peninsula… Both girls were in their elements, Lottie the avid climber easily outpacing her sister on climbs, yet the dare devil younger sibling roared past her on each and every downhill as she risked life/limb to beat all of us down the hills… a clear road biker in the making!
Sadly it was over far too quickly, but a few hours was enough to make us recommit to finding more time for something we love doing as a family… So then onto Erice and the possible cable car… yet with the winds worsening by the minute, it was no surprise to find it shut when we arrived… no matter! We headed up the huge (and I mean huge) incline towards this medieval walled hilltop fortress/village.

Multiple hairpins and staggering views later we arrived, only to strand ourselves before we started in the narrowest of the inner streets.. mental notes made, we must park outside in future!!!! Duly sorted, we grabbed the bikes and headed out again!!!


Every region should have Something special

Again all too quickly but it’s a truly amazing town to explore by bike, before we headed back to the motorhome with the 100kph+ winds howled around our ears and began the treacherous descent… back towards the bottom and a sharp right turn towards the south of the island… via the wine country near Marsala and onto Ribera…

The forecast is terrible tomorrow… orange warnings for rain, thunderstorms and wind… we might not venture out tomorrow!!! Time for some more baking blogs me thinks….


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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