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Motorhoming in Norway |Testing our limits at Lillehammer Olympic Park

There can’t be too many opportunities to take your children to an Olympic venue like Lillehammer and try to inspire them to look beyond the conventional sporting choice offered by schools in the UK… Perhaps consider other options, be inspired or just focus on being healthy children as they grow up…

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So imagine ski jumping on your left, or bobsleigh to your right…. Today wasn’t about trying to vicariously live through our children…. to try and motivate them to become the next big thing….  it was all about offering them a choice?  What would they like to see/do? Would they discover a passion for winter sports?


It was a fairly resounding ‘yes, we’d love to see a Youth Olympic Games Park, seeing London 2012 was so cool….’ So off we trooped having spent the night in the Olympic Park at very little cost..Both girls wanted to see where their godfather (Uncle Jae) could have played his ice hockey… so we headed into the magnificent ice arena next to the impressive testing facility inside the Olympic Village.

The amount of superbly athletic young Norwegians being put through their paces in the Håkons Hall was incredible.. both girls were in awe from start to finish!!


But more was to come…. as Nordic cross country skiers (on wheeled skis) flew past us across the main walkways of this easily accessible site… we headed up the hill to the imperious ‘Lysgårdsbakkene ski jumping area‘ This event captured our hearts when ‘Eddie the Eagle‘ made his name as the UK’s only ski jumper as we grew up.. So both girls were eagerly awaiting just how tough a ski jump might be….


Every family experience should have Something special

As the ski lift rose serenely up the steep  sided hill towards the crest of the ski jump, we paused to look down… it’s a mighty long way down I can promise you… those jumpers have nerves of pure steel!! But talking of steel, more was to come as we departed the main site for the ‘Bob, Luge and Skeleton centre‘ nearby. This proved to be a truly brilliant choice as Lottie chose to push her boundaries and try the bobsleigh experience… at 100kph and with 3.6G pushing down on you… 


Well done Lottie!!! But equally well done to her sister, who missed out as she is narrowly under the age limit of 10 but cheered her sister on and never once pulled a sad face… Well done Libby!!!Thanks too should go to the team on the ground there – Stian (x2), Henrik and Per…. we had an amazing time and am sure this is something that will go onto our highlights video for the entire year around Europe



so where did we park the bus for the night?

It’s easy, you can simply stay in the ‘car park’ of the actual Olympic Park… how cool is that!!! You can even wake up and see the ski jumpers lifting off the ski jump in the distance

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