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Motorhoming in Norway | Voringsfoss to Lillehammer… over the Skiftesjøen

Motorhoming in Norway | Voringsfoss to Lillehammer… over the Skiftesjøen

Anyone heading for Norway should certainly add this to their road trip list…. Taking the chance to move on from Eidfjord towards a wonderful series of opportunities in Lillehammer… we hadn’t quite expected the stunning series of landscapes that fell into view…It’s one of the most interesting drives across Europe so far!

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Starting with the highly impressive Voringsfossen waterfall… tumbling an impressive 145m… it stands just over 180m tall and includes a ‘daughter’ fall to the left (its easy to miss the main falls… so head for the main hotel (in  the pictures)
Within a few hours from Bergen, it is easily located off Highway 7, this set of falls comes after an impressive series of spiral tunnels that suddenly release you onto this spectacular view… A completely free attraction includes free parking and some facilities… just watch the drop as the cliff falls away dramatically as you edge closer for that all important photo opportunity.
The landscape only seemed to improve as we headed into our first real snow of the trip so far…. the landscape onto the Hardangervidda plateau. This plateau is the largest of its kind in Europe. At this altitude it enjoys an alpine climate and is part of a national park to protect this amazingly wild landscape. The Skiftesjœn is just one example of somewhere enroute that girls will never forget.

Every road trip should have Something special

We’ve been fortunate to see some of Europe’s best road trips over the past 2 years, and each have had something to remember them by. But this route is one of Norway’s National Tourist Routes and it thoroughly deserves this title (we hope to enjoy another between Lillehammer and Holdall tomorrow) Plus it is home to one of Norway’s last remaining wild reindeer herds and is a constant source of geological interest to those that visit….  (so a great Ed-Venture opportunity too)
Pausing for breath once we had left this wilderness, we were treated to the site and sounds of another ‘Kiwi’ supermarket… the best but cheapest option for food across Norway (in our humble opinion!) Flying through more fjord valleys, past even more impressive Stave churches we headed east towards Lillehammer and a chance to see the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympic Park… allowing both girls the opportunity to have seen both a winter and summer olympic park (Lillehammer has just hosted the Winter Youth Olympic Games this February, whilst the girls have fond memories of going to several venues at London 2012)


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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