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Still working hard at that playing hard thing…. adjusting to full time life in a motorhome!

Still working hard at that playing hard thing…. adjusting to full time life in a motorhome!

Hardly a struggle to live like this…. But what an enjoyable day 🙂

Clearly found a throng little community here at La Marina and it has been great to chat to so many people (not just today but over past few days). There is clearly a strong bond between those that full time or those that dip their finger in the pond so to speak… Either way we have fully enjoyed speaking to our lovely neighbours here and are finding it a hard wrench to leave. Especially as our neighbours have such a beautiful dog that Libby now clearly adores…

As ever we hit the water parks, but this time managed to all get involved rather than the obligatory ‘guard dog’ for our possessions…. Great fun to all fly down the blue slopes or create a snake on the yellow run….

This was followed by the BBQ tapas that has become a firm favourite – marinaded chicken kebabs and mini burgers…. Salad and then followed by jelly 😉

All in all, a lovely unexpected surprise as we thought we were moving on today….

Hmmmmm should we stay beyond the weekend and start ‘day trips’ out to see the sights…. Or should we push onto Granada…. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Good to also catch up with some former workmates this week…. Nice to catch up with those we will stay in touch with…

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