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Discovering the Dordogne’s famous foodie heritage in Sarlat

Sarlat is famed for its foodie reputation & being the capital of the Perigord Noir… one of the famous Perigord regions mentioned in our blog post from our visit in August… But we’ve never set foot in Sarlat until now… venturing into places such as La Roque Gageac.. Yet this veritable treasure chest for foodies is one that instantly captured all of our hearts…. and stomachs!

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We ventured into the narrow cobbled streets of Sarlat on a Sunday, past the turreted, ivy clad walls and into the main square… where Sarlat’s famed food market was in full swing… Full of delicious things to try/taste and enjoy…. or even buy if our wallets felt full enough…. but in truth we steered clear of the ‘foie gras‘ and the ‘truffles‘ that this region is famed for… and instead opted for the honey and delicious gateaux that were truly mouthwatering..
So what does this region really love in terms of food? Well, they’re nuts about walnuts (noix de perigord)!! and they love a decent series of cured meats ( Saucissons)… yet this region is blessed with brilliant fruit and vegetables too… with mouth watering figs, prunes on display…. whilst meat is equally important and the various demonstrations of sheep shearing, goat’s cheese making and even wool spinning were another dimension on this foodie market.
Sarlat may be a ‘mecca’ for foodies… but there is so much more to this beautifully restored medieval town… stride down the Rue de la Republique and admire the yellow sandstone building that line the street… or take in the Place de la Liberte, Cathedral and Jardin de Enfeus… it’s an eclectic mixture of centuries past that simply draws you in for more… its a place to lose yourself on a rainy Sunday afternoon… which is exactly what we did!

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so where did we park the bus for the night?

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