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Day 54 – We start the homeward leg from the Andalusian coastline!!

Day 54 – We start the homeward leg from the Andalusian coastline!!

So we have just racked up the 100th hour of driving with almost 4,000miles covered…

The sat nav suggest we now face the arduous task of a full 17hrs 40mins of driving and over 1,190 miles ahead!!!!

So we enjoyed a restful breakfast, chance to relax in the site and then off to reacquaint ourselves with Nerja…. having loved the Cost Tropical, we wanted to revisit our previous chance to see this stunning coastline… so we just did that….

The journey was full of twists and turns, peaks and coves and some quite stunning azure blue seas…

We finally made our way through Nerja to see Maro beach (not anything special in truth…) before ending up with a picnic at our favourite beach just outside Nerja…

Utter Bliss!!! A chance to relax and eat/drink, play in the sea (its been 24 degrees here today!!!!), potentially snorkel and then sunbathe together as a family!!!!!

Having gone beyond Malaga (a beautiful city and one that we would happily relocate to given the chance) and its wonderful golf courses that made Richard salivate…. we started towards the North…

We have given the North a wide berth due to the inclement weather recently, but the tides have turned and we expect almost 22 degrees tomorrow in Cordoba….

It was a 2hr journey through rolling hills, peaks to die for and a sunset that will live long in our memories…

The drive into the Aire was a nightmare, but we are now safely (!?)  ensconced in the air opposite the Mequito… all of us can’t wait for this tomorrow, before we push off northwards to take in Toledo tomorrow…. it’s going to be a very busy next few days!!!


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