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If you’re anything like us, you’ll be interested in the journey as much as the destination? So why not click below to find both…Let yourself drift off to dream, explore and discover parts of the beautiful country that is Denmark.

LifeinourVan City Reviews | Copenhagen | Denmark

Copenhagen in Denmark Things we did in Copenhagen, Denmark What we liked about it here's just a few ideas.... ​If you can either hire or grab your own bikes and explore this amazing city on two wheel... The city is truly made for bikes (bike lanes and even bike...

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Lifeinourvan Europe Roadtrip | Dashcam Footage | Denmark

If you fancy seeing a little more then, check out the dash cam videos of some of our ‘Top Scenic Drives’ across Europe . Or if you want to read more, click on any of these below to see their full blog post :- ​Jotunheimen Tourist Route (Norway) Aarhus to Limfjorden...

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Descending southwards through Denmark

Sadly only time for a very, very short update to our site as we head south from Copenhagen towards the UK (via Brussels).... Its a full 1500km to London and we've got 2 days to do it!!!! So it's a case of strapping ourselves into the seats and heading...

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Family Adventures at Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens is far more than initially meets the eye.... yes it has a grand entrance close to the city centre, but it is very much like Pandora's Box... doors/paths just keep opening up to yet more treasures! rabbing the  bikes for yet another...

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A Princesses view at Christiansborg Palace

What a family adventure!!! A chance to see a royal palace and what an amazing experience! Since the first castle was erected in 1167, the Christiansborg Palace has stood tall and proud over this region! Undeterred by fires in 1794 and again in 1884, it is a source of...

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DenBlaaPlanet – Amazing Aquarium

"I guess that's what every attraction should be.... educational, interesting and captivating.... and not to mentioned the wonderful cafe or amazing children's playground with its numerous water experiments..." ... a real highlight of tour adventure so far!...

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Copenhagen – a truly brilliant city for cycles!

If London is so well known for it's red buses... then Copenhagen can  probably lay claim to being the most ​bike friendly capital city in Europe... I'm sure others might contest this (and we can think of a few....) yet it's the detailed planning of the...

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Aarhus to Limfjorden, before a ferry to Norway!

After a stunning start to Denmark in Ribes, we approached the rest of the journey with trepidation... would it match the fantastic first impression of Denmark and Jutland. With Copenhagen planned for the return leg from Sweden, could the lesser known parts...

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Schleswig to Aarhus….

After two heavy day of driving, it was brilliant to enjoy less time behind the wheel and more time with the kids... as regular readers will know, it was the very reason we decided to change our lifestyles and focus on them, so always good to keep that in...

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Denmark’s fantastic family friendly Viking museum

​With our surname clearly linked to the Viking God of Storm Weather (Thor, son of son of Odin and Fyorgyn, the earth goddess)... we really wanted to take the chance to find out about our possible ancestors... and where better than Ribe's acclaimed Viking Museum...

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