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Roadschooling in Angers! Learning how Castles were made in France

Roadschooling in Angers! Learning how Castles were made in France

Having loved seeing Angers by night, as we explored it’s superb Christmas Market. A bright clear morning brough a great opportunity to get out and see what else we could explore in a morning before heading north towards a ferry back to the UK… and a family Christmas with the grandparents!

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Having loved exploring France this year, we’ve been amazed by the variety across their Chateaus & Castles – including Carcassonne, Azay Le Rideau, Chateau des Enigmes & Villandry… In fact articles like these were almost certainly the reason why we were so luck to get awarded ‘Complete France’ Magazine’s Award for a place in the ‘Top 6 Most Inspiring Travel Blogs about France‘…
It’s hard to undestimate just how stunning the medieval fortress at Angers really is… sitting imposingly in the centre of the town just a short stroll from the Christmas Market and Cathedral… it provided us with the perfect opportunity to add to our History section of our growing ‘Road Schooling‘ curriculum. What better place to stand on than one of the 17 enormous schlist/limestone tower ramparts and imagine how this castle has altered over the centuries… In fact, it links brilliantly to a guided tour we took around Dubrovnik’s historic walls back in March… As we’d never even considered why the walls are sloped at the bottom, or the tricks castle builders used to decieve possible intruders… In fact, do you know why they did this, if not click the above link to find out?
But the Anger’s Castle has even more to discover underground (all free as part of yet another useful City Pass).. with another staggering French Tapestry to almost match that of another of our history lessons at Bayeux. The tapestry depicts the ‘Apocalypse‘ and is over 325+ft long..
But our favourite aspect of the castle (apart from the monk’s lavendar gardens in the summer) is the amazing series of illustrated learning opportunities… some with scaled models, others with excellent audio visuals (although you need the audio guide to get the full experience)… they are all easy to access and hit the right level for our girls… both intersting and thought provoking, it just shows how easy it can be if history can be brought to life…
Sadly time stopped us exploring much more of Angers, both girls were desperate to try the small white tourist train… but we did manage a visit through the cobbled streets towards the Cathedral and a chance to see two utterly compelling sights! Firstly, the amazing organ that rises to the ful height of the ceiling… Secondly, the nativity display that even included gold fish within it… a first for any of us!!


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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