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Getting into the Christmas Spirit at Anger’s Christmas Market

Getting into the Christmas Spirit at Anger’s Christmas Market

As we’ve hit the month of December, daily life in our motorhome has been taken over by non-stop Christmas Carols, daily opening of Advent Calendars and regular discussions on where best to buy Christmas presents when on a European Roadtrip (421 days today and counting!!!). Having loved seeing the Portuguese prepare for Christmas and ‘Pai Natal’s’ arrival at Obidos…. where better to buy your Christmas presents than at a French Christmas Market!!

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It’s even better that we were able to return to one of our favourite places in France almost a year after our last visit… this would easily fit into our ‘Top 10 Places in France’… not just for it’s Christmas Market but also it’s wonderful castle, museums  and historic centre! But in truth, we absolutely loved our first chance to see this ‘foodie heaven’ of a Christmas Market… and now they’ve built a simple, easy to use motorhome aire no more than 10mins from the centre… it’s a pleasure to visit!!!
Again, we were impressed with the Angers Card which gives us access to the trams/buses that take you right into the centre of Angers…. and a chance to spend some of our daily budget in the Christmas Markets… it would be unfair to try and describe the range of things on offer… but if hand made chocolates, cooked meats, decorations and vin chaud take your fancy… you’ll love the market stalls here!
So having re-found the children in the stalls full of old fashioned wooden toys and with Catherine holding piping hot drinks and churros… we ventured towards the huge ‘Grand Roue‘ … both girls were desperate to see the top of this illuminated ‘Big Wheel’ and it certainly didn’t disappoint… and to add to it all, the free ice skating rink nearby proved fantastic for both girls to burn off some of the energy provided by the non-stop eating of the churros!!!
With two tired children flagging after a full day’s drive from Bordeaux and then an evening in the Christmas Market, we headed back to the motorhome to find an amazing email from the big man himself…. Father Christmas! So with Libby/Lottie in awe of his latest video from the North Pole (thankfully they are both on the good list)… we finally sat back on the sofa in the Adria Motorhome to put our feet up… an exceptionally busy day!


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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