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Motorhoming in Germany | Discovering Dusseldorf’s many delights…

Motorhoming in Germany | Discovering Dusseldorf’s many delights…Score 79%Score 79%

Taking our kids to over 50+ Cities across 30+ European countries has been such an experience. So if your kids also love visiting them for their different architecture, activities, culture, people or food. Hopefully there’ll be something to capture your families imagination in the family friendly city of Düsseldorf in Germany.

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Are you looking to escape for a few days but only want a short drive from the UK? If you’re a motorhomer or family who loves to explore new cities? You might just love the unique charm of Germany’s Düsseldorf and its special Rhine-side location?

It’s such a safe, well laid out city, it might just push it’s way into our Top 20 European Family City Break locations….. But  if you want to find out which European Cities top our list currently? You’re in the right place just click here

So how would you describe Düsseldorf?

Perfect for young adventurers! Most regular readers will know just how much we love combining a city break with an opportunity to get active…. So with Düsseldorf offering miles of pedestrianised pavements to explore, we simply couldn’t miss a chance to walk our boots off (quite literally in Richard’s case!)….

But who was to know that Düsseldorf is apparently the city of cartwheels (Radschlager) (see here)…Regular readers may already have seen our budding gymnast cartwheel her way across Portuguese Beaches, Italian Volcanoes and even try it midair whilst indoor sky diving in Norway.…. so just imagine Libby’s delight as she was positively encouraged to cartwheel her way down the streets of Düsseldorf.

For those who didn’t already know, Düsseldorf is a comparatively small city in western Germany known for its fashion industry, wealthy residents and art scene (and it’s connections with the motor homing industry due to it’s annual show). It’s divided in two by the beautiful Rhine River, with its Altstadt (Old Town) on the east bank and constantly renovated modern areas to the west. In the Altstadt, St. Lambertus Church and Schlossturm (Castle Tower) both date to before the 13th century. With Lottie particularly enjoying streets such as Königsallee and Schadowstrasse which are both lined with boutique shops….. (if a little expensive for our pockets!)

Düsseldorf’s ‘mother nature’ was kind to us this weekend providing us with plenty of blue sky and welcome spring sunshine… allowing us to explore it’s many charms with our excellent local guide Eicke…. Enjoying panoramic viewpoints from it’s TV tower, uncovering historical elegance in Benrath Palace and strolls down the impressive riverside promenade to explore the Old Town…. but there’s more just outside Düsseldorf to explore including the impressive Neanderthal Museum (perfect for another ‘road schooling’ opportunity for the girls!)

Sitting down last year to write an article for a UK newspaper about ‘RoadSchooling our Children across Europe’….(click here) it reminded us that sometimes you need to really search for the next ‘Ed-Venture’… But with the city of Düsseldorf so close to the historic Neanderthals Valley (20mins by car)… we simply couldn’t miss the chance to learn about the origins of the Neanderthals…. and where better than in the very ‘cradle’ of mankind in Düsseldorf?


so where did we park the bus for the night?

There are plenty of options close to Dusseldorf. We settled for Camping Unterbacher See, but those who love a good city aire/stellplatz should head for the parking overnight option beside Dussledorf’s picturesque pedestrianised area overlooking the Rhine (GPS Latitude 51° 14′ 3″ N, Longitude 6° 46′ 16″ E). Others might opt for the other side of the river, and the Rheincamping Meerbusch site…. the choice is yours. Enjoy!

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