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Heading into Croatia for some Island Hopping!

Heading into Croatia for some Island Hopping!

Leaving Slovenia behind us, we’ve headed back to one of our favourite places in Europe so far… in fact it made it into our ‘Top 4 Places across Europe’ video (click here). So why is Croatia so highly rated by us?

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Is it the crystal clear, azure blue water that attacks your senses when you arrive? Or the historic old towns that litter the Adriatic coastline following a tumultuous history with the Venetians? Or perhaps the amazing national parks like Plitvice or Krka.
So where do you start an island hopping Croatian adventure? Well, there’s no better place to start than in the north, at the largest of all the Croatian islands, Krk. This island measures some 400km² and is a well known and recognized tourist destination because of its mild Mediterranean climate, favourable geographical position and stunning natural beauty. Even giving rise to the title the ‘Golden Island’!
We arrived just in time to celebrate Mothers Day, and the girls had planned something special ! Helped by their newly acquired ‘Pipity Activity Cases‘…. Libby had dreamt up the idea of a ‘puppet show’ which was delivered with aplomb and cleverly narrated by Lottie. Just proving that sometimes simple family fun is the perfect ingredient for an enjoyable ‘family roadtrip’ evening! with no TV screen in sight!!!

In terms of Krk’s natural beauty, It’s hard to argue with what the guide books tell you when you enter the island across the imposing bridge into an island that reminds us of landscapes seen in parts of France & Spain. The vegetation is abundant and the small bays/inlets house some of the most beautiful quaint harbours of the entire trip so far….

For anyone considering hopping onto a Croatian island, I think you’d do far worse than make Krk your first stop…. its got brilliant facilities, beautiful scenery and is easy to access!!! If visiting with a motorhome, we’d suggest the fabulous family-run campsite in Krk (Camp Bor). We’re hugely keen to return to both the island of Krk and the adjoining island of Cres later in our trip, but tomorrow sees us head south towards another famous island at Pag…. this time entering by ferry at Prizma.


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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