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If you’re anything like us, you’ll be interested in the journey as much as the destination? So why not click below to find both…Let yourself drift off to dream, explore and discover parts of the beautiful country that is Belgium.

LifeinourVan City Reviews | Brussels | Belgium

Brussels in Belgium Things we did in Brussels, Belgium What we liked about it here's just a few ideas.... What's our main tip for families? Access to the city is best via the fantastic tram system. If you have younger children, why not head for the Mini Europe...

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LifeinourVan City Reviews | Ghent | Belgium

Ghent in Belgium Things we did in Ghent, Belgium What we liked about it here's just a few ideas.... So what's our main tip for families? If you love a good boat trip, then this is the city for you... see the city by canal, visit the excellent Kina museum & head up the...

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Visiting Bruges on it’s Liberation Day (12 Sept)

Turning left at Calais, we opted to visit the captivating city of Bruges on the day it celebrates its liberation towards the end of the second world war. The liberation on the 12th of September in 1944 is now celebrated by almost every house flying Bruges's iconic...

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Appreciating European Heritage in Brussels….

On a day when 52% of England voted to conclude their long standing links with the European Union we remain fully committed in ensuring our young daughters do not share this insular point of view.... We fully intend to bring up our daughters as outward looking global...

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Belgium choccies in Bruges

Wow, finishing this leg as we started it! 3 countries in 3 days and well over 1000km travelled! It's been a busy end but we couldn't miss out on a trip to a very special place, Bruges! ruges is often described as the 'picture perfect' European...

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