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Friendly, unconventional, relaxed and natural? Must mean we’ve arrived in the Ardennes

Friendly, unconventional, relaxed and natural? Must mean we’ve arrived in the Ardennes

As you enter the Ardennes, you’ll encounter an intricate web of small rural byways that criss cross river lined valleys. Providing you with a hefty sense of ‘enchantment’… perhaps even a sense of poetry to match the beauty of the natural environment

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So imagine holidays spent jumping into the sub-tropical pool for yet another splash around with the kids or evenings enjoying the numerous activities/shows on offer for all ages.  All this in an idyllic setting amongst palm trees and flowers….. the perfect recipe for some rest and relaxation!!
It’s as if nature has created it’s own brand of ‘Autumnal Magic’ with wild deer roaming freely whilst green woodpeckers swoop into conifer laden forests.. With over 5,000km of footpaths, there are plenty of tourism routes to explore such as the Beer Route, the Fortifications Route or even the Route of Legends.


But we’ve managed to find the perfect rural idyll deep into one of the valleys at Camping du Banel… a perfect place to grab your hiking boots and head out to enjoy the fragrant forests as they turn into autumnal shades of fiery orange, deep reds and vibrants yellows… Yet it’s also close to Mouzon with it’s ‘Port of Burgundy Tower’, has riverside paths along the Meuse or the castle at Sedan… Sadly we missed the annual ‘Puppet Show (in September) at nearby Charleville..


Every region should have Something special

Due to the nature of our trip – a full circumnavigation of France in just 30 days! – we’ve only given the Ardennes a day… but we could easily fill a week here, so could the girls! Maybe it was the playground but we reckon the renowned markets, chance to see a black stork or the amazing array of festivals are reason enough to return… it’s our kind of place, a place where nature reins supreme and family friendly days are full of fun and laughter yet cost nothing… so we’ll be back to hike, pedal and paddle around the scenic beauty of the Ardennes.


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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