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Absorbing Science in the Norse Teknisk in Oslo…. and a great chance to play Donkey Kong too!

Absorbing Science in the Norse Teknisk in Oslo…. and a great chance to play Donkey Kong too!Score 0%Score 0%

The Norsk Teknisk museum is a wonderfully good way of allowing your kids to burn off some energy…. but also learn something at the same time too!!

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Sadly, its located to the very north of the city and takes some 45mins to reach via Tram 11 or the metro (Kjelsa Station). In our experience, its best visited towards the end of the day as the transport was easier to get onto – but that may just have been us!!!!

It is filled with chances for playful learning – with the girls particularly enjoying the wind tunnels and Hydro Electric Power interactive displays (great following our visit to Tyssedal HEP museum last week)

T​hey also enjoyed the light refraction, speed and ‘whirlwind/whirlpool’ exhibits with both girls running around to twist knobs, wind cranks and send levers flying.

Perhaps the most interactive area was the collaboration with GAME ON .Allowing us a nostalgic walk through of all of our early childhood computer systems &  games – from the very first ‘table tennis’, through Donkey Kong into the world of Sega Megadrives.

But there are also great opportunities to see how science and technology have worked together to form transport… with some amazing exhibits including full scale planes and steam locomotives..


Although hard to get to, it does allow you to see more of Oslo and it’s beautiful neighbourhoods and both girls would certainly visit again given the chance….. but perhaps this might have something to do with the chance to play more PC games!!!

Yet again though, the Oslo Pass came to the fore, as we took numerous trips around the city to get to the museum, but also took the chance to get off in places to see the hustle and bustle of a weekend in Oslo… To a person, the Oslo residents/visitors are smartly dressed and appear to have little to no cares in the world…. it does on the face of it, look a pretty great place to live…. if a little expensive to eat out!!!

Norsk Teknisk museum

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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