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Motorhoming in Sicily | Exploring Sicily’s Greek Heritage in the Valley of the Temples

Motorhoming in Sicily | Exploring Sicily’s Greek Heritage in the Valley of the Temples

It’s an amazing sight to see such stunning carpets of meadow flowers alongside the Doric styled Greek Temples near Agrigento, Sicily. The Valley of the temples combined both sweet fragrant walks through olive groves, almond orchards alongside a chance to see the sandstone/tuff temples at this UNESCO site.. It’s a special ed-venture gem not to be missed….

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Arriving early in the morning (note for families visiting – it’s not too costly for tickets), we missed the early traffic and walked the 2.4km through the garden past spring flowers of every conceivable colour… clearly heading for the Temple of Concord (Harmony) but savouring each and every ruin on the way. Built in the 5th Century BC, it has been altered along its long, illustrious journey to the present day and this is reflected in it’s architecture… unique but full of interest.


There is so much more to this site than just this temple, with other examples littering the spine of the hill giving awe-inspiring views of seas and mountains on either side. We were told this was an unmissable part of the island and we agree.. put simply it was a truly magical day!!


Our whole focus for the trip has been to offer a unique ‘once in a lifetime’ trip for our daughters… So with that thought in mind, we decided to pick a country and see how broad we could make the learning experience for our girls. A Sicilian learning adventure seemed to have a nice ring to it, and with that it was decided. Sicily, in mid March just as the spring flowers filled the meadows, a perfect place to both learn and have fun as a family! Fresh Air, Fun and Freedom!


History is never far away from view in Sicily, whether it be Carthargian, Phoenician or Greek. Perhaps never better shown than here in the Valley of the Temples at Agrigento, where numerous fully preserved temples provide a clue to how different generations lived and worshipped. So Religious Education can be ticked off the home schooling curriculum map too!!


Perhaps our favourite aspect to Sicily lay in the kind local’s responses to our efforts at communication. The warm welcomes, ready smiles and hospitality of this island folk made this a very special educational adventure for us all. So it really is possible to map out a journey and enjoy time together as a family whilst offering educational opportunities… whether it’s a full European Roadtrip or perhaps just a week in the sun and a few Ed-Ventures to enjoy alongside a family holiday. (click here to find all our Ed-Ventures)



so where did we park the bus for the night?

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