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#THISGIRLCAN enjoy climbing in Eidfjord

#THISGIRLCAN enjoy climbing in Eidfjord

“Life’s a challenge… you face it front on and accept the bumps/bruises or you just let it wash over you and watch from the sidelines” …… Great advice from one of the girl’s godparents and a sentiment we try to adopt each and every day… accepting every possible challenge as long as we feel it will benefit us (as a family) or help challenge the girls.

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Today threw up a great challenge, working again with Flat Earth from Eidfjord…. this peaceful valley just screams ‘stay another day… or maybe even two at Camping Sæbo!’ – so we relented and took up another opportunity to challenge both girls. This time with Jane & Joseph in a stunning setting!

Our girls have tried indoor climbing and even motorised climbing walls… plus a fair few ‘outdoor adventure climbing walls’… but today was a real challenge with no brightly coloured hand/feet holds… just solid unrelenting stone to find some purchase!!!

We ‘lucked in’ as today was a scorcher in Norway with the temperature reaching almost 30°C!!! But the early morning start meant we got the perfect morning hike to the cliff face behind Sabo… this walk through a hillside of conifer trees allowed both girls a chance to walk Jane’s dog – Mischka (a real treat for Libby!) and for us to pause and view the sensational 360° views…
We loved the companies ethos – treat nature with respect, enjoy the real outdoors and keep it sustainable…. a real outdoor company in a wonderfully natural setting!

Safety was of key importance today and from the first minute, we felt reassured that both Jane & Joseph were in total control with both girls fully harnessed and a two rope system firmly in place…

We were equally delighted that both girls responded to the challenge… this was a genuinely tough climb with little to no handholds at times and both girls had to presevere!!

We listened to a great podcast last week with the girls which said ‘kindness is the one central ingredient to a happy life’… we reckon that’s so true… but would also add that ‘perseverance’ is a great quality to have too…

So how far did the girls get? Well the below pictures tell you just how far!!! It was high!!! very high!!!
Was it easy? No not at all, they struggled at times but kept going… and will have a learnt a new skill
Did they enjoy it? I guess their smiles tell that story without me adding to it! They loved every minute!
Will we build on this experience and do it again? Absolutely… my feet were itching to join them!!

flat earth eidfjord

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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