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Coasteering in Pembrokeshire | Getting Active on the Welsh Coastline

If you can catch Pembrokeshire’s ‘mother nature’ in a kind mood, you’ll be provided with some of Wales most idyllic coastal scenery. Calm seas, blue sky and acres of coastal cliffs, caves and coastal shores. The perfect chance to explore coasteering with our excellent guide Tommy from Preseli Ventures.

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As we were helping to write an article for the ‘Wales Online’ newspaper about ‘RoadSchooling our Children across Europe’….(see here) it dawned on us that Wales is famous for many things… From Male Voice Choirs to Coal/mining, Leeks, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Daffodils, Welsh Cakes, The Eisteddford, Richard Burton and Dylan Thomas…. but did you also know that the rapidly growing sport/hobby/pastime of Coasteering also originates from these Welsh shores?

So how would you describe Coasteering in Pembrokeshire

Peerfect for young adventurers! Most regular readers will know just how much we love combining a coastal road trip with an opportunity to get active…. So with Wales offering over 1,370 miles of coastline, just slightly less than Brittany’s 1780 miles in France, we simply couldn’t miss a chance to see Abercastle on the Pembrokeshire Coast national park  from a truly unique perspective .
For those that will have seen our Sea Cliff Jumping/Kayaking in Croatia or our adventure antics in Norway’s adventure capital at Voss…. You’ll know that we encourage our girls to embrace a little adventure whilst being respectful of the danger of the environment…. However Pembrokeshire’s ‘mother nature’ was kind to us this week providing us with a calm sea, blue sky and acres of coastal cliffs, caves and coastal shores to explore with our excellent guide Tommy from Preseli Ventures.

A sea based activity that’s fine for all abilities. Equally enjoyable for adults & children (min age 8 years)… it’s probably worth mentioning that you need to be able to cope with swimming to undertake this adventure… But the thermal wet suit, buoyancy aid and helmets make sure it’s a safe activity that most active families will love…… It’s not all about testing yourself by flinging yourself of ever increasing jumping platforms…



preseli ventures

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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