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Austria | Taking all 3 Generations up the Stubai Glacier

Austria | Taking all 3 Generations up the Stubai Glacier

For those who’ve followed our progress, you might remember our last visit to the Stubai Glacier in April 2016. Yet again it was the lure of the outside space nr Ranalt which proved the perfect spot for a family breakfast and morning’s free entertainment (apart from the 3 Euros parking fee for 3hrs)… But this time we wanted to go one better and explore the ‘Wilde Wasser Weg / Grawa’ waterfalls

This area of Austria differs from the Zillertal Alps near Aufenfeld, and is more rugged in it’s landscapes. Full of craggy peaks, clusters of unthawed snow and some amazing waterfalls… but before we discovered all that there was the small matter of a ‘promised play’ in the amazing outdoor wooden play park at Ranalt.

stubai glacier

After plenty of laughter, fun and feeding the ducks… we paused briefly to see the cows pass by with their impressive ‘peals’ from the bells slung under their necks… before moving further up the glacial valley towards Wasser Weg

Libby decided she couldn’t possibly do this without her friend (Jofli the Bear) so we had an extra member of the clan… as we took all 3 generations up the valley on a hike to the impressive waterfalls at Stubaital

For those that love a good hike too (see our Gorge du Verdon hike here) there are plenty of routes which involve amazingly steep drops on either side, or easier ones that are accessible from the road (see here for more routes). Either way they all culminate at the impressive falls at Grawa.

These waterfalls are supposed to have a fantastic impact on your respiratory system, with the negatively charged particles absorbed into your body from the mist (see here for more details). It’s an amazing sight to experience the step-like cascades, the water mist and gushes of water topped by white spray. It reminds us of the Krimml (Austria) or the Voringsfossen in Norway such is the scale of the waterfalls… but perhaps this beats both due to the amazing viewing platform that allows you to rest, relax and enjoy the spectacle.

Leaving the Stubai Glacier after one of those fantastic ‘family moments’, we’re now heading for the real mountains and a few nights at Austria’s premier campsite at Tiroler Zugspitze.

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