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Winter sunshine at the family paradise that is Camping La Marina

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If Valencia sparkled in the November sunshine, allowing us to bike the city, visit the Bioparcand enjoy paella at one of the many beach front restaurants… Alicante has offered even better weather, with the mercury in the thermometer rising to a healthy 24ºC so we’ve decided to try out the campsite at La Marina’s . With it’s  star attraction for families… the Polynesian inspired WaterPark. Spread over 6,000 sqm, there are various levels / challenges and slides… but more importantly it just offers a great safe environment for kids to have fun!

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As both girls have been hard at work on their homeschooling and we’ve been pretty busy this trip, this seems the perfect place to grab some quality family time… The 80,000sq m ‘La Marina resort’ sits on one of the sandiest beaches at Elche and can apparently house about 410 motorhomes (not to mention the bungalows!)!
You can’t fault any campsite that offers a feeling of safety and community spirit that allows a little controlled freedom for the girls. So both girls have loved grabbing their bikes together and heading across the site to meet old and new friends alike before spending jam packed afternoons across the many slides in the water park…All that and we haven’t even reached the La Marina Senses Spa (more to follow on that one!)… so we’ve contented ourselves with visits for BBQ food from the onsite bakery, butcher in the campsite supermarket and some evening strolls to see the ‘entertainment’ in the heart of the campsite….
So it’s a huge gear shift from the Valencia & it’s Camper Park from last week, but judging by the girl’s smiles… they’re loving every second of our short stay at La Marina before we head south to rediscover Andalusia…So if you’re considering Spain for some winter sun as a family, look no further than La Marina… you’ll be in the kids ‘good books’ for weeks to come!

la marina

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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