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Visit Bayeux, Mont St Michel & the D Day landings in just one day!

Visit Bayeux, Mont St Michel & the D Day landings in just one day!

So another busy day, started at 8am to get quickly out of the inner city are… perhaps one to avoid in future although it was brilliantly close to the city centre….

Onto the road (yet again… poor girls!) and up north towards Mont St Michel….. managed to find a fantastic little boulangerie which saited our breakfast appetite…. whilst the girls travelled in their pyjamas… lucky girls!!!

We arrived after lunch at Mont St Michel, the deserted car park suggested it may have been a less than worthwhile visit – so we declined the opportunity to visit the island (having done so in 2013) and we headed inland for some decent pictures of the Mont….

After this, we made the decision to visit Bayeux (an inspired choice…) which proved to be a wonderful ‘chocolate box’ town with some stunning street and shops and the famous Bayeux tapestry and D Day landings museum…

Although we weren’t sure it would prove so, the girls were transfixed by the tapestry museum – with a wonderful audioguide that brought the tapestry to life, followed by a wonderful exhibition and then a fantastic video in their cinema… brilliant!!!!!

Haivng discussed it earlier, we chose to also visit the D Day landings museum and discuss the sacrifices made by our grandparents generation… although a rushed hour towards the end of the day, this was highly emotive and really made it clear how much had been sacrificed and how hard it had been to successfully complete the Normandy landings… the girls were again hugely interested if a little sad at the misery caused to the soldiers and French civilians…

With decision to make tomorrow, we once more headed north to Honfleur for the promise of a wonderful ‘San Sebastian’ type of seaside town and then a chance to visit Camenbert tomorrow before arriving at Dieppe for the journey home….

Certainly mixed feelings tonight, sad to leave this journey, excited to family and our dog again and also a little keen to start preparing for Christmas (so say the girls!!!!)


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