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Uncovering the Northern edges of Scotland near John O’Groats

Uncovering the Northern edges of Scotland near John O’Groats

Is there a better way to wake up…. perching on a cliff top overlooking a Scottish fishing port in full flow? It was a beautiful sight and made us appreciate the Scottish Salmon that is such a family favourite. Thankfully, we got to stretch our legs as it required a decent walk to see both the beach and the harbour entrance…. but it was chilly!!!! Perhaps not as chilly as earlier nights, but particularly windy!!

After the morning constitutional to the beach, we spent some time enjoying seeing the various sights – driftwood shapes, kelp, varying stones of all shapes and sizes…. but no seals although later on we did discover that Killer Whales weren’t too far away in the Isle of Lewis…

So began the hardest drive of the trip so far…. Up northwards towards Durness and Sango Sands along a beautiful single track road on the A382. The lying snow hilltops and crofting villages were interspersed with beaches that would equal any in Cornwall… huge expanses of white/golden sand…. Truly breathtaking!

The Deep Aquarium, Hull

After a chance to visit Sango Sands beach and see the dolphins playing, we headed west towards our eventual destination John O’Groats and the start of the journey south to Lands End… it is worth noting that this 104miles journey is slow!!! at times painfully slow as it took over 3hrs!!! But time wasn’t a problem so we enjoyed each rolling hill and viewpoint towards the Orkneys.

We finally arrived at a blustery, rainswept John O’Groats around 4pm…. with the mist coming in from the Orkneys, it was a great feeling to have reached the top of the UK mainland… With Libby enjoying the power of the wind as she balanced herself as she lay back to a peculiar 45 degree angle, we planned the first stop.

Sadly, we were let down by two campsites due to the ice in their sites (the first time this has happened this trip) so the eventual destination was further than the planned Dornoch. We ploughed on against the relentless weather with roads improving as we headed southwards, becoming a decent A9 trunk road just north of the oil rigs near Cromaty.

Thankfully, this kind people at Brahan came to our rescue.. Having loved the wide expanse in the estate, we were more than happy to head towards Dingwall and the Brahan CL. Finally pulling in at 9.30pm, what a busy day!!!

Tomorrow promises a trip to Aviemore, Granton on Spey and possibly Culloden…

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