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Surely not a Water Park Campsite….at a campsite??? Those lucky little girls!!

Surely not a Water Park Campsite….at a campsite??? Those lucky little girls!!

So we said goodbye to Valencia…. with the weather changeable, it seemed the perfect day to travel the 250km south to La Marina, Alicante….

En route, we clocked up the 2000th mile, with well over 31hrs of driving hours now completed…

With mixed feelings on Valencia, we have travelled towards Alicante and a chance for the girls to enjoy a wonderful water park and spa… courtesy of some monies from grandparents…

It looks wonderful and our plot is again near to the sea…. perhaps not quite as close as last time…. we will have to struggle the 500m to the beach… such a hardship.

Today’s journey was one of the most interesting so far, as we moved away from the concrete jungles beside the coastline and headed inland…. through field after field of orange trees, up some high passes and over or through mountains. Across some tundra that was clearly close to being termed a desert and then onto the salt plains that surround our current location…

It will certainly do for a day or two and then we will move south again towards Cartagena…. and it’s Roman ruins…

But first, we will be made to go up, around and over the various water slides here…. again, such a hardship!!! But first, as we ended up here early, we might even get to watch the rugby since we missed yesterday’s match!

la marina

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