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Sun, waterparks and laughter at La Marina… quality family time together

Sun, waterparks and laughter at La Marina… quality family time together

So with great plans to continue down the Spanish coastline towards Andalusia... with new adventures awaiting us…we’ve somewhat stalled here at La Marina near Elche.. Why?

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Three main reasons spring to mind including the fantastic weather, on site waterparks (open in late November) & the ease of daily life here at La Marina… But perhaps it was waking up to a letter on our bed  from Lottie that persuaded us to take a week out of our schedule and enjoy simple family life… Sometimes children just see it so all so clearly… great to see Lottie is achieving a real sense of perspective on this trip as we ventured through Spain & Portugal

An effort at persuasive writing by Lottie

Dear Mummy and Daddy

It can be said that LA MARINA HAS A COMMUNITY and you would be right .Lots of people winter here. The reason we should stay is we all are happier because we actually live. I am not just saying that – I really mean that! Life is so much better when the people around you care (and you care about them). It is not so much about the water park , beach, outdoor swimming pool and the supermarket – it is really about the people you meet. La Marina is great for children with the kiddies club,the playground,water park but it is not just the facilities. It is the experience of enjoying listening to other peoples story’s (that really interest me) and the responsibility we’ve been given (of getting breakfast each morning on our bikes) It really does have great facilities but our whole journey has been about meeting people and sharing our journey. So I think you have a lot to read but I hope you say yes to this opportunity you won’t regret it.

Thank you for reading this letter


So what have we got up to at this fantastic campsite just 25mins south of Alicante…?

We’ve met old friends, found new friends who are sharing similar lifestyles to our own &  we’ve enjoyed the chance to spend time learning new skills…However sometimes one of the more difficult parts to this type of family road trip is finding the opportunity for girls to have fun with people their own age… but La Marina has offered any number of chances – Spanish, Dutch, German children regularly seem to find their way onto our plot before they all disappear off on their bikes.. It reminds us of meeting our New Zealand  friends in Cadiz last year before sharing a leg of their world adventures as we ventured through Spain & Portugal
B​oth girls have learnt more about the ‘Help for Heros‘ campaign due to a nearby campsite neighbour who is wintering here but trying to raise money through her wonderful crochet teddy bears…. our motorhome has swallowed up another 4 to help the campaign! But more importantly offering another ‘road schooling opportunity that both girls relished as they spent time researching this for a potential charity project when we return back to the UK.
The WaterPark continues to take up the early afternoon with both girls loving the opportunity to invent new games, set up timed courses and to enjoy meeting new friends…. meeting today’s German Couple with a young baby was fantastic… both teachers but enjoying a sabbatical / paternity leave… their extensive world travels have provided a great opportunity to ‘swop/share’ stories over a mammoth culinary exercise as we prepared an evening of curries (3 to be precise… a Thai Green & Red Curry and a Rogan Josh)… we’re delighted to see both girls have really taken to curries after their experiences with new foods on this journey.
The girls have also found new fun pursuits in the purpose built athletics area in the campsite… a running track, football field and paddle court have thrown the girls into full ‘#THISGIRLCANmode’… They particularly enjoyed a new sport to them – Paddle – this Spanish game includes a little of every racquet sport and is a great family activity in Spain… brilliant to see them getting so involved again! Tomorrow’s blog should involve a brand new character from our travel journey… a SEA LION! As we head to Rio Safari to swim with sea lions!

camping la marina

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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