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If you’re anything like us, you’ll be interested in the journey as much as the destination? So why not click below to find both…Let yourself drift off to dream, explore and discover parts of the beautiful country that is Spain.

Super cool San Sebastian….

Wonderful day in a wonderful place! Zany, super chic and full of people having fun!!! San Sebastian has the views to match the energy of it's townsfolk ..... endless runners, surfers, cyclists seem to populate the beach and it's fantastic promenade/cycle...

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Segovia to San Sebastian….

Perhaps one of the best driving days of the trip so far..... After a quick breakfast, following the coldest night of the trip so far (-2 deg) and with frost adorning the roof light, we packed up and left Escoril... a decent campsite if a little soulless.....

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Exquisite Segovia…

Hot chocolate opened the day for the girls.... brrrr it was chilly!!!!! Up t'North!!! After a very prolonged rest, much needed by the driver!, we started out towards Segovia at lunchtime.... We arrived at the Plaza del Torros after 2pm and immediately head...

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Enroute to El Rocio……from Lisbon!!!

After a set of football matches at Sintra football club, with all involved! it was sad but we needed to say our goodbyes!! As we headed south, the Smiths headed north!!! We are certain we will see each other soon before they leave Europe but will remember...

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New friends….. for everyone

Really, really, really good that the girls met some new friends here at the new site.... they are almost identical ages and have also spent the past year travelling the world. They are heading back to New Zealand soon but I'm sure both girls will keep in...

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Ronda – Town on the Edge…. (literally!)

Up with the larks and out for breakfast.... couldn't wait!!! Back in the van within minutes..... its pretty darn cold up here in the mountains without the sun cresting the ridge near the campsite..... 9am - bliss! Beautiful breakfast and we were away.......

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