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Sea Kayaking alongside the Dubrovnik City walls and across to Lokrum

Sea Kayaking alongside the Dubrovnik City walls and across to Lokrum

So with real excitement from both girls, we followed in the footsteps of our Dordogne adventures and branched out into sea kayaking…. what better setting than from the Game of Thrones Kings Landing

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We were fortunate to have fantastic local experience on our side, thanks to Bogdan. So what better than to do grab a quick PE lesson for the girls (and us, we ache tonight…) through X Adventures Dubrovnik (by phone – +385 (0)91 7860755).

Thankfully they are easily found alongside most of the tour agents beside the Pile Gate on the small stairs that go to Fort Lovrijenac. Pretty easy to spot as there are kayaks everywhere…. best to get these guys as there were other kayaking tours so just ask around for X-Adventure. Prices range from just over 220kn (£20each) to our trip which was around 350kn (£35each)… but paying the extra is well worth it as it gives you more time on Lokrum.

With a fantastic young guide, Dan, the fours of us set off with 2 other members of our group, a lovely mother/daughter who were on the recently docked cruise ship and fancied some adventure too!

​The tour lasted for well over 3hrs and took in a trip beside the city walls that had proved so amazing yesterday, it really did give a different perspective.., it really is pretty impregnable from down there!!

Both girls are now fairly adept at kayaking and they were soon in their stride as we raced each other alongside the walls enroute to Lokrum…. the crystal clear water was unbelievable at first hand with viability to the very bottom through easily 30ft of water!

As Lokrum came into view, we enjoyed a full tour of the islands monasteries, the Dead Sea and the Botanical gardens… the freely roaming peacocks and rabbits were of special interest to two young ladies who were in their element… sadly we passed up the opportunity to snorkel (they give you kit) but we would certainly return next time with our own gear and enjoy the rocks on the northern side of the island… Yet more Games of Thrones was shot here so there really is something for everyone on this wonderful little island… fellow blogger Paul Jackson spent more time here and has more detail on Lokrum

Lokrum – a beautiful island full of history and legends

Perhaps one of the best elements of X Adventures was the attention to detail, we got a decent sandwich, water and a dry bag which really helped minimise the stuff carried down from Camping Solitudo (bus #6 for this who chose to stay at this wonderful campsite) . The best part to our trip was the opportunity to choose how we wanted to spend our time, and we certainly wanted more time to explore the caves that surround this island, and we weren’t disappointed! Amazing crags, fully accessible by kayak with the now customary clear water… this was one of those ‘stop and stare’ moments…

kings landing dubrovnik

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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