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Roadschooling | Chance to Build a Dolls House for Christmas

Roadschooling | Chance to Build a Dolls House for Christmas

Our ‘Roadschooling’ Road Trip seems to bring a new outdoor classroom / playground each day for us to discover together as a family. Just like the fantastic opportunity to test our ‘Design & Technology’ skills as we’ve headed north from Hampshire to the girl’s grandparents. For a chance to allow both girls to draw, design and build their very own ‘personalised’ dolls house (as part of their Christmas presents this year)

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After an earlier visit to a craft centre in Okehampton, both girls have commented that Art and Design seemingly surrounds us at all times. Agreeing that Art is not only a way to express themselves and is also a cultural and social link to the past. Whereas Design is fundamental to the smooth flow of everyday life in our motorhome. Eye catching, well designed objects and environments seem to have enhanced our everyday experiences in life…. from great public transport in Bordeaux to well designed kayaks in Split….
Plus we’ve been so fortunate to find real life road schooling opportunities that exemplify this e.g. Truma’s Manufacturing processes in Germany or actively learning how a motorhome is made in Adria’s factory in Slovenia.

All of which have led to a growing interest from both girls… in both art and design.

So with some space in our schedule before Christmas, we’ve set them a challenge! To price out, design and build their very own dolls house. From technical ‘deconstructed drawings’ to letting them safely use their own power tools… we’ve tried to let them feel they’re in control and it’s worked!! It’s worked so much that Libby has opted for a ‘tool kit’ for her actual Christmas present this year!! (which will certainly please one of her godfathers!)
So for just under two days budget of £95 (courtesy of the free accommodation with grandparents) we’ve managed to produce a fully working 90cm tall, three storey dolls house with handmade furniture.

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