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Remember the wartime sacrifices at the ‘POW’ Eden Camp, Yorkshire… Lest We Forget!

Remember the wartime sacrifices at the ‘POW’ Eden Camp, Yorkshire… Lest We Forget!

The best thing about owning a motorhome is the variety of places it allows you to visit, whilst the beautiful thing about learning is that no-one can take it away from you…. So we’ve been fortunate to stand with our girls in the WW1 trenches in the Somme, or listened to the Belgium guide in Flanders Field or even walked the beaches of the D-Day Landings at Juno Beach…. before arriving into North Yorkshire to see the award winning ‘Eden Camp’ (through our increasingly useful York Pass)

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If you’ve never been, a trip to the actual battlefields really is a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed. Especially as it’s sometimes hard to gauge the true impact of WW1 & WW2. However, it’s great that places like North Yorkshire’s ‘Eden Camp’ offers an equally useful perspective back in the UK…
Created by 250 Italian prisoners of war in 1942, Eden Camp could hold over 1000 prisoners at any one time….. yet it now also offers a comprehensive overview of world wars within the original huts. These types of immersive learning environments really seem to encourage our girls to form their own opinions and the confidence to express these to others….. exactly what we’re hoping to achieve on our wider European  Roadschooling Trip.
Each of Eden Camp’s ‘Prisoner of War Huts’ overwhelms every sense and provides a series of fantastic ‘simulated’ opportunities.. From dodging the Blitz in authentic London streets to facing a depth charge account in a German U’Boat… it’s full of innovative ways to communicate just how tough war must have been to those fighting in it and those back at home.


Learning about WW2 from inside the POW huts

If you’ve visited Eden Camp and enjoyed it, you’d probably also love Ghent’s St Peter’s Abbey with it’s wonderfully, evocative ‘ War in Shorts‘ exhibition. Narrated through the eyes of children with brilliant displays and audio guides. Each of the children recount their stories via huge TV screens, whilst you’re surrounded by memories of the war (from a children’s perspective). The metallic artwork statues are amazing, but so are the heart wrenching stories! (click here for full article)

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