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Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Caminha in Northern Portugal?

Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Caminha in Northern Portugal?

Since we’ve now travelled the length and breadth of Portugal… we’ve arrived at the northern most part of Portugal…after a fantastic stay in Porto!!  In fact you can actually see across to Spain from the window of our motorhome where I sit and type this today!! Looking out past that pretty fishing boat in the above picture!! What an amazing view to get from yet another quality Orbitur campsite (Caminha)

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Caminha is an ancient fortress town beside the Minho…. its obvious why it was important to the Romans and Celts who settled down here in Galicia.. but it actually was quite a significant trading port due to it’s protected harbour…trading with Viana do Castelo… As ever the history of Portugal is linked to it’s love of the sea and exploration,something we loved learning about in nearby Porto (some 90mins south of Caminha)
The ancient city walls match those that we saw in Dubrovnik, and judging by the slant downwards maybe were inspired by similar architectural thoughts… but it’s the impressive 13th Century ‘Torre do Relógio’ that catches your eye! You can even see how it’s crucial city gateways were formed under the clock tower.. to keep unwanted visitors out of the city… but also try to spare some time to see the Paços do Concelho and it’s attractive loggia or the Gothic inspired Igreja Matriz with it’s inlaid ceiling of panelsin traditional Mudéjar style (something that reminds us of Teruel in Spain)…
They call this region the ‘Patchwork of Landscapes’ and you can see why… dense green vegetation are interspersed by crystal, clear water that snakes around the many stone clad defensive settlements of this region. Other places you shouldn’t miss include Foz do Minho, Moledo and Forte do Cão….


Every region should have Something special

The Caminha region is seen as one of the most authentic areas of Portugal (perhaps even the cradle of Portugal) but until you’ve strolled the town’s cobblestones, explored the winding alleways or admired the artistically rich architecture… you don’t really fully appreciate the beauty of this area… It’s undiscovered beauty even extends into the hills that surround this coastline and up towards the pristine natural mountainous beauty of Serra d’Arga



so where did we park the bus for the night?

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