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How to Plan the French Part of a European Motorhoming Roadtrip

How to Plan the French Part of a European Motorhoming Roadtrip

France is a country that we have visited with both girls for years… but last year’s trip ultimately led to this year of adventure! So we’ve included a few pictures below from last year’s trip to show the type of things we got up to in Ille de Re, Gironde and the Dordogne.

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So with our throughly enjoyable Scandinavia roadtrip now finished…. our thoughts have turned to the next leg of our round Europe trip…..But this year’s trip will hopefully include much more of France… across two separate legs (July – Aug) & (Sept-Oct) with a return to the UK in between each journey.
Recently we’ve had a fair few families writing to us to ask questions about how we prepare and choose each leg’s adventures…. so we thought we write a few blogs showing what goes into each trip, so here goes!!!

This is the first stage of the planning….

1. Collect together 25-30 places we want to see (often using LonelyPlanet Discover Guides or Tourist Board websites), we normally separate each leg into roughly 60 days each – so this ensure we have plenty to choose from (see left for an example)

2. Find 10 family experiences /challenges/ adventures that will keep everyone interested on the journey and keep them on a separate list to be added in later on when we confirm the schedule

Every roadtrip should have Something special

3. Plan the route and get rough distances/times so we can look at possible sites that will give the kids a chance to socialise (at varying points of the trip). ​Crucially important aspect that we prioritise where possible

4. Work through the route plan and opportunities with both girls…. get them to give their thoughts on things they really like the sound of and then ‘bold‘ these into our planning.

5. Once we’ve got a rough schedule together we look at how we can link some homeschooling into this…. and try to ensure we are getting an even coverage across the subjects… i.e. history – D-Day Beaches, geography – Dune du Pilat, physical education – Dordogne kayaking

Hope it helps some people who are thinking of planning a similar journey, our next blog post will focus on how we get the girls more involved in the planning process….

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