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Motorhoming in Norfolk | Visiting Wells next to the Sea – worth every minute spent there!

Motorhoming in Norfolk | Visiting Wells next to the Sea – worth every minute spent there!

The question resonated around the noisy breakfast in the van… ‘What should a coastal resort have? Should it have a pebbly or sandy beach?’… If you ask that question too, then head for Wells next to the Sea.. it’s a special Norfolk gem not to be missed….

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Should it have donkey rides or boat trips?’…. well it would have been rude to not have tried out Wells next to the Seasince it was on our doorstep some 5miles from the CL site. After a chance to see the electric bikes in action… both girls mused on the possibility… could they ask for ones for Christmas??? Short answer there! Sure you can guess what it was!! Pedal power, young legs etc etc….


So we loaded ourselves into the smaller van and headed to Wells…. a very busy day with crowds thronging the coastal walls of the harbour... we needed somewhere to park.. thankfully they have just recently built a car park to the north of the town and we grabbed a chance to park there… The coastal town was in full flow, with crabs being hooked left, right and centre…. children playing blissfully on the great playground that adjoins the harbour and the merry tootling of the train that takes you to the beach…


We’d been keen to grab a seal visiting boat trip or even harbour tour, but next time we certainly will… we made do with a saunter through the lovely shops with their varying degrees of seaside memorabilia with the occasional farm shop thrown in for good measure…The smell of fish and chips was equalled by the size of the queue so sadly we called time on Wells after a good few hours looking around the sand banks, harbour museum and the quay side shops… and headed back to the CL for a BBQ.

​Has the summer really started!!!!


Wells next to the sea

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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