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Motorhoming in Norfolk | Scavenger Hunts in Sandringham

Motorhoming in Norfolk | Scavenger Hunts in Sandringham

Chancing upon the weather forecast and a space in the grandparents diaries, the recent good weather was too good to miss… so the obvious choice for sunny days when motorhoming in England is East Anglia

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Since we’ve both taken the plunge into motorhome ownership….it was decided, a chance to reconnect over a 4 day break in Norfolk prior to departing for Norway! Plus offer the chance for the grandparents to try out their very first ‘motorhoming experience’ with us.
The girls grandparents smaller Bailey Autograph 540 seems to fit their needs perfectly as they regularly whisk themselves away to see their siblings at the British Hill Climbing circuit where the girl’s Uncle Kelvin/Aunty Sarah bid for further glory in their various cars – a Lotus Super 7 or Pilbeam.

So in convoy we headed off to Norfolk in the glorious sunshine, the positively summer like temperature reaching a heady 26 degrees…. and with BBC Radio 1 on full blast, the girls relished the chance to get back to their favourite radio station (each with their own favourite DJs…. couldn’t possibly disclose who, but the initials GJ might ring a bell!) and to spend some time with their dog, Tizzy.

Arriving at the Sandringham Caravan Club site, a fantastic, well serviced site with its own dog run, huge amount of walks and pizza night courtesy of the stone baked pizza van!! we were in 7th heaven! After a restful night (our first shared experience with the grandparents), we headed off to reception and a chance to take on their ‘scavenger hunt’.

As regular viewers will know, the girls love treasure hunts and have even started to make their own for others to enjoy! So this was a brilliant start to the day as we traipsed around the site and its woods looking for clues and animals.

Every campsite should have Something special

It even allowed a little biology/ecology to be discussed as we looked at the sheer bio-diversity within the flora, fauna and wildlife within the woods. But with that ringing in the girls ears for precisely 30seconds, they raced off to enjoy the sizeable wooden playground whilst we hatched plans to see the Queens residence on the adjoining estate.

It was brilliant to grab a chance to spend time with Tizzy too… Cat and I walked across the woods and pastures into the house whilst the girls enjoyed a tour of the grounds, house and the church that the royal family use at Christmas… it is beautifully well kept and the girls were amazed to see the place the queen does her jigsaws, or decorates the Christmas tree… whilst we all enjoyed a welcome Norfolk Cream Tea afterwards…

Pizza for dinner and a quiet night catching up on the various books that litter the vans… Wilbur Smith & a Jill Mansell if memory serves me right!!!


so where did we park the bus for the night?

See link above for details on the Sandringham Caravan Club site

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