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Motorhoming in France | High Ropes Adrenaline in Arcachon

Arcachon really is proving the perfect place for some outdoor adventures, perhaps rivalling that of Voss or Eidfjord… family favourites from our recent visit to Scandinavia that offered more than their fair share of adrenaline opportunities…Check out why we loved it so much here

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So having completed the epic climb over the Dune du Pilat, and having stayed at Aire de Coccinnelle within the Bassin d’Loisirs.. we couldn’t resist the opportunity to grab a physical challenge… would it be the impressively large Aqualand or the KidParc… Thankfully both girls were keen to develop on their skills learnt at the Voss Active high ropes course so we decided to grab the chance to try the inventive high ropes courses at Bassin Aventures.


Choosing to enter the park in the late afternoon, we could equally have taken advantage of the  ‘nocturne’ opportunity to tackle the course in darkness with food/drink on offer too. Following yesterday’s ‘European History’ lesson, it was interesting to discover that High Ropes courses were originated by the ancient Greeks to train their military but newer high ropes courses actually owe their existence to Georges Herbert (a French Naval officer) who realised the health, social and team benefits of rope work on ships. Our girls love them and we see them as a fun and exciting way to get everyone outdoors and get some exercise as it helps your cardio vascular fitness / upper body strength!


Safety is obviously of paramount importance at Bassin Aventures as we were attached to an upper wire, belay cable, with lanyards (ropes and carabiners) for safety. So if we fell we would be caught by the wire, but thankfully this was not at the expense of some adrenaline inducing leaps, zip wires, climbs…

Their high ropes courses were colour coded to help create a sense of accomplishment. Both girls moved quickly through the easier ropes courses to start testing their agility and fitness over the blue, red and eventually black courses, but there is plenty to entertain all ages and abilities here… plus it holds a huge amount of that essential ingredient of any decent high ropes course… zip wires! The 15 different courses offer a variety of technical difficulty and a real test of your thrill seeking…

With zip wires of over 150m in length, cargo nets to throw yourself into, surfboards/boats in the tree tops to jump into and out of… it really does make each course a unique and interesting obstacle course to tackle…This really was a new level of high ropes experience as we all toiled for well over 3hrs… it certainly proved a brilliant work out, great opportunity for us to work in pairs with the girls to tackle a new ‘red or blue’ course…



With over 170 challenges spread across the different courses it would genuinely offer a test for beginners to advanced athletes/climbers. It proved to be a a brilliant experience and now we can’t wait to hit the kayaks in the Dordogne over the weekend… yet more family outdoor adventures and challenges!! So keen to make every second count of this family adventure around Europe!!!



so where did we park the bus for the night?

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