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Motorhoming in France | Grabbing a slice of ‘Green Venice’ at Coulon

Motorhoming in France | Grabbing a slice of ‘Green Venice’ at Coulon

Following our visit to the sun drenched paradise that was Ile de Re… we’ve ventured inland on our way to the River Creuse following a tip off about this unlikely ‘jewel’ in central France’s crown… But not before visiting the ‘Green Venice’ at Coulon. A great place to relax in the well located motorhome aire.

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Today was all about the reason we’ve undertaken this journey… to try and find interesting places across Europe to expand our girl’s horizons and to help bring subjects to life in our ‘outdoor classroom’. So just west of Niort, is the interesting town of Coulon which sits astride the region known as ‘Marais Poitevin’… France’s second largest wetland area after the Camargue … It truly is a marriage between land and water and a great chance to discuss conservation and geography.
Shaped and nurtured by man’s intention to preserve it.. Nature surrounds you, from it’s ash trees or yellow iris line the banks to the amazing array of birdlife that entertained both girls (likely to have originated from the Saint Hilaire la Palud reserve nearby). So it fitted perfectly into our Environmental Geography and Biology sections on our website… where we hope to accumulate some amazing educational experiences for others who may want to take their children across Europe on a learning adventure too..


All visitors should try the traditional flat rowing boats (pigouille) tour across the marshes, mill races and small canals, whilst listening to the boatman tell his story… for those that follow us, you’ll remember how impressed we’ve been with guides on this learning adventure (e.g Dubrovnik Wall Tourwas a brilliant addition due to the guide, as too was the brilliance of the WW1 guide as we visited Flanders Field)

A fantastic English family we met that day grabbed the chance to try the ‘river punt’s and seemed to be having a great time as they passed by us on their river adventure.


Whilst the same journey on horseback or by bike was possible… if you were feeling adventurous… but the withering sun (37°C+) made these two choices unlikely!!!

The girls enjoyed picking up new knowledge about the plants and animals of this ecosystem, how it has been actively preserved by the Niort Marais Poitevin Tourism board..Before a chance to return to the brilliant aire nearby and try our their new ‘lounge sacs’… clearly bought to inspire opportunities to read!!! (for the adults!)



so where did we park the bus for the night?

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