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Motorhoming in France | A brief glimpse at one of the Chateaus of the Loire…

Motorhoming in France |  A brief glimpse at one of the Chateaus of the Loire…

One of the best aspects to motorhoming in France is the chance to find brand new experiences each day. So parking up for the night close to the Loire, we found ourselves only a short walk through the forest (along a bike path) to Chateau de Chenonceau… perhaps the ‘grandest dame’ of the chateaus of the Loire.

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So imagine holidays spent jumping into the sub-tropical pool for yet another splash around with the kids or evenings enjoying the numerous activities/shows on offer for all ages.  All this in an idyllic setting amongst palm trees and flowers….. the perfect recipe for some rest and relaxation!!
Much of this journey has been about finding family adventures for us, yet also keeping a record of places we’ve stayed that Richard’s parents might enjoy too… as we parked up beside the River Cher, underneath the willow trees… it was clear this was going to be a place to revisit…


Its supremely graceful arches suggest the work of someone with a creative mind… to find that this is actually the work of several women was a real inspiration for both girls… with modern architecture so abundant at ‘Futuroscope‘… it really gives the perfect example of what else man can produce (or should that read ‘women’)

Started in 1515 for a minister of King Charles VIII, much of its early growth was led by his wife, Katherine Briçonnet…


OBefore being taken over by the mistress of King Henri II (Diane de Poitiers)… Sadly a quirk of fate led to her giving up Chenonceau for the slightly less grand Chateau de Chaumont… The impressive gardens that surround this chateau were added by the Médici family (including both a rose garden and labyrinth). It’s artworks match these gardens yet perhaps the most impressive feature is the 60m ‘Grande Gallerie’ that spans the width of the river…. during WW2 this gallery lay claim to saving many lives of the French Resistance fighters who used it as an escape route from the German occupied north… With so much more to see on our next visit here… we’ll hopefully enjoy another chance to see both this and the others chateaus nearby… this really is a truly rich area of ‘French Cultural and Architectural’ significance


playa montroig

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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