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Motorhoming in England | Fun in the Sun at Nene Park in Cambridgeshire

Motorhoming in England | Fun in the Sun at Nene Park in Cambridgeshire

Whilst one adventure finishes, it looks like another might just have begun…. with the taste of French croissants still lingering in our mouths… we’ve headed to Cambridgeshire and the lure of the Ferry Meadows / Nene Park combination…

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A great woodland caravan site close to the wonderful Nene Outdoors.. an area literally brim full of activities.. To add to the excitement… both girl’s cousins have joined us for a brilliant 3 day break.. allowing them a chance to do what cousins do best together…. Play, Play, Play!!!! So where better to start than on a walk around Nene Park to get our bearings before we all grab some watersports adventurestomorrow.. (see Full SUP blog article here)
Not just any walk though….. a chance to complete the ‘Tree Mythology’ treasure hunt around the lake.. stopping every once in a while to feed the birdlife or spend some time on the well constructed wooden playgrounds. The whole walk took around an hour and forms part of a series of woodland adventures that the NenePark run….. from Nature Kids weekends to Steam Train rides around the park… there’s even guided walks to find out more about the Moths!!!
Add into the mix… some BBQ’s, opportunities to grab the bikes and enjoying the various woodland trails or paths… or even just seeing the tame bunnies that seem to lope contentedly around the gladed woods… it’s really rather idyllic!! Not a bad way to spend some time catching up and enjoying life as part of an extended family!!

ferry meadows

so where did we park the bus for the night?

We stayed at the brilliantly located Nene Trust ‘Ferry Meadows’ campsite (run by the Caravan Club). It’s onsite and offers plenty to do for families within easy walking distance.

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