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Motorhoming in England | Bike Riding around North Norfolk

Motorhoming in England | Bike Riding around North Norfolk

We’ve grabbed holidays in Norfolk for years now, in fact it has become a family retreat dating back for well over 30 years! But exploring its winding lanes and fantastic bike paths has proved a real hit with the family (not just the kids, but the grandparents too)

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So it’s been great to remind the girls how beautiful this region really is… We made sure it was our girl’s first trip in the motorhome last summer and they couldn’t wait to get back onto their bikes and explore it further. Whitehall Farm CL was the perfect site to get across this lovely part of theNorth Norfolk Coastline. With places like Burnham Market, Wells next to the Sea, Holkham and Old Hunstanton… we were spoiled for choice…
In the end we decided on the family’s favourite, Holkham Hall and its amazing adventure playground… With a cricket match providing the perfect summer sounds of laughter and leather hitting willow, we biked the 16km across the estate and into the main adventure playground. I have to confess, I’ve never been in the house, but we enjoyed reading about the ice house (situated outside) and perhaps we will have to do the full tour later this year…

But the girls didn’t seem to mind as they careered across the adventure playground, flying down zip wires, across balance beams and up into the high tree houses… allowing a brilliant view of the bat house and deer park that surround this wonderful playground…

Every region should have Something special

W​Back onto the bikes, we braved the main roads and tried to follow where possible the North Norfolk quiet roads bike route back to the site. If the truth be told, it wasn’t without incident, a few wheelies put pay to one of the grandparents, but much laughter ensued as we enjoyed being a family again after our European Roadtrips… precious time spent with grandparents simply can’t be replaced!

Back at the site, we enjoyed dining ‘al fresco’ and can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings too!

Holkham Hall

so where did we park the bus for the night?

Check the link above to find the White Hall Farm details.

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