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Motorhoming in Croatia : Don’t miss exploring Korčula’s undoubted charms!

Croatia‘s stunning coastline has more than 1,000 islands and islets, so it’s no surprise, then, that there’s a little something for everyone. It’s a special country to take a motorhome… Just don’t forget a visit to Korcula as you won’t be disappointed

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Whether you’re looking for history, culture or watersports, fresh seafood, or some of the most stunningly clear water in the world, you’ll be able to find it in one idyllic trip to the Croatian Island of Korčula. An island easily reached by a short ‘walk on’ passenger ferry from the stunning campsite in  Orebić for less than £10 (Read more on our stay at Camping Nevio here)


Korčula is one of those islands that captivates you almost immediately, much like it once did for the Ancient Greeks. The dense forests of holm oak and pine that surround the crystal clear shorelines of this picturesque island, reminded them of their homeland (hence the name given of ‘Black Corfu’…) or maybe it was even given that name by the Greek hero (Antenor) after his escape from Troy…


Korčula‘s charms extend beyond the scenic ​ferry ride across from Orebić and further into this blissfully beautiful old medieval walled city… often described as a mini ‘Dubrovnik‘…. Covered by vineyards, olive groves and pretty villages….  the island of Korčula is the sixth-largest Adriatic island… yet only 29.1 miles long and 4.8miles wide! It’s 15,000 inhabitants enjoy a well connected island due to the ease of access from car and passenger ferries to the mainland (or you can even reach Hvar via the fast Split catamaran service!)


Every region should have Something special

Yet it’s really far more than that! It’s a hidden Adriatic Paradise. A place for families and couple alike. But if you’ve never visited it before, then be prepared for Korčula to steal a little piece of your heart within hours… It’s truly special walled city more than matches the beauty of the crystal clear Adriatic Sea beneath it’s ancient walls…. Yet it’s also the perfect place to explore with young children. A maze of winding alleyways offers them the chance to safely create special memories before grabbing a seat to the enjoy the view of the sea through the pine cones that fringe the city walls
If you’re not blown away by your walks around the walled city, or the many restaurants that grant truly special views over the crystal clear waters…. you’ll be amazed by it’s history. Dating back to the 4th century BC, it’s history has been punctuated by famous visitors who have fallen in love with this island. Whilst it’s also been the scene of one of the most famous Medieval Sea Battles of the 13th century…. But we were immediately struck by the warm atmosphere of the people who live here now… perhaps none more so than this fantastic art shop owner below


If you get time, then we’d really recommend the fantastic art gallery opposite the island’s cathedral! Showcasing the art of local artist (Hrvoje Lorenzo)… we were amazed by the gesture by the kind owner (Tanija) who helped Libby complete a framed painting from start to finish… Such a fabulous opportunity that Libby grasped with both hands (literally) and will treasure for years to come…
If you visit, hopefully you’ll discover the ‘jewel’ in Korcula’s crown at the ‘Marko Polo‘ house… This explorer found fame in the 13th Century by opening the doors of the Far East to Europe. He found great wealth and fortune in China and is responsible for the clear links between Venice and this small island….. if you like discovering more about the ‘Age of Discovery’, then you might enjoy reading our article on Porto and it’s impressive  ‘Age of Discovery’ Museum

Korčula also hosts plenty of festivals, so it’s worth checking when to visit if you’d like to experience the ‘Korčula Sword Dance Festival’ or the ‘Moreška’… or perhaps find a new wine to taste in the ‘Festival of Indigenous Wines’… or join the ‘Procession of the Brotherhoods’ to celebrate the town’s rich history….. A history that has experienced The Illyrian, Greek, Roman, Croatia, Venetian & Austro-Hungarian cultures over the past 1000+ years….

It’s hard to fully describe the sheer beauty of this island… from it’s sumptious  architecture, to its vibrant fish market… it’s a mixture of the Adriatic of the past and the Adriatic of the future…, We were lucky to explore this stunning city with two wonderful new friends in Jess / Dillon (Aussies on Tour). Kindred spirits who love to share an adventure! So where better to grab the latest instalment than in Korčula.

After a scenic ferry ride back to Orbeić, we were fortunate to find the girls a fantastic ice cream / bakery just outside the passenger ferry port (along the coastal path heading east), before we passed yet more idyllic island beaches and vineyards on the way back to our stunning pitch at Camping Nevio.


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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