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Motorhome Diary Update – Enjoying a World Cup Final Day & Halloween in Southern Spain!!!

Motorhome Diary Update – Enjoying  a World Cup Final Day & Halloween in Southern Spain!!!

Best day so far…….!!!

Great to meet a new friend in Richard, top man and good to hear his experiences of a year abroad… but equally good to fully meet the neighbours (Janette/Gunther, Glen/Dick & Reina/Erwin). This has been the first day that we have seen and felt such a part of the community at La Marina…  This will be a wrench to leave!!!

With the girls preparing for Halloween, they have been very lucky to get so many sweets from kind neighbours…. and they got to have yet another dunking in the water park!!!

But there was also time for us to try our hands at tapas and managed some spanish salads, mini burgers, mini chorizos and small chicken kebabs….. All prepared in readiness for the rugby!!! Great win for New Zealand, was it ever in doubt!!!! Good to chat to George too, another top man who we miss greatly!

But then off to Richard’s pitch, the man has a golf putting set up and great Rose….. hmmmm!! A real struggle to pass 3 very happy hours as we put his golf swing to rights, and the world over some rose, and then headed back for bedtime reading with the girls!!!!

A really special day that we will remember for a long time to come…. so nice to be a part of such a special, welcoming and positive community…. we really have craved this for over 3yrs now..

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