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LifeinourVan’s girls take their grandparents kayaking on the River Dordogne

Having already mentioned in numerous blog posts about just how much we love the Kayking on the River Dordogne… I think regular readers will probably know most of the details of the 26kms of this stretch of the river… and our families love of all water sports! But this time we’ve returned to test out just how easy it might be for the girl’s grandparents… it wasn’t their first time, but perhaps was their first time for many years!!

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So how did it go?  Well for those that know the river well, you’ll know that this stretch from CARSAC to BEYNAC… includes some of the most amazing sights of the Dordogne Valley… from vertical limestone cliffs with buzzards circling overhead, to prehistoric caves above the stunning yellow sandstone village of La Roque Gageac…It’s worth a visit just for this and the wild-life alone!!
When should you visit? Having visited earlier in the season when the river is packed full of kayakers, swimmers and boat trips… this time it was more peaceful, clam and perhaps even more picturesque… with wild herons stalking their prey in the rapids to the kingfishers that dart from almost nowhere to flash into the river… Yet the hustle and bustle of July/August adds an almost ‘carnival air’ to the experience, so i guess you pay your money and make your choice…
Is it suitable for all ages and abilities? Well i think we can conclusively answer this one… whilst trying to ensure I don’t offend… we reckon the stretch of ages/abilities that we took onto the water would leave you in no doubt that it’s a family activity for everyone… So if you love jumping into the river from rope swings (kids!), like seeing the historical sites (grandparents) or just love kayaking (us!) then this might just be one for your family… 

Lifeinourvan’s Top tips

O​ur advice would be to seek out the more established companies as they have better facilities & kayaks and are 100% more likely to help if you did need it whilst on the river and keep an eye out for these.. 


1. Chateau de Montfort – stunning cliffside castle
2. Vitrac Port – its historical wine trade & bird reserve
3. Limestone cliffs at Pencils Passage (peregrine falcons and the old Roman road)
​4. La Roque Gageac – history from prehistoric to the 100 years war
5. Castle of Castelnaud – a fairytale castle to match any other
6. Chateau de Beynac – nicknamed ‘Satan’s Bow’… you’ll have to find out why yourselves!!


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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