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LifeinourVan City Reviews | Naples | Italy

LifeinourVan City Reviews | Naples | ItalyScore 0%Score 0%

It’s just so easy to fall in love with Naples…. a true city for foodies! Having started our journey through Italy with the intention to focus on food, it’s just provided such a fun, interesting learning topic for our girls… But now we’ve finally arrived in one of the hotbeds of Italian flavours… Naples!

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Neither exclusively sweet nor savoury in it’s focus… Naples has a little bit for each and every tastebud…With spring clearly in evidence on the walk down from the top of Solfatara, we chanced upon an inner city ‘orchard’ stacked full of fresh lemons or oranges. What a start to the day, matched by the chance to sample some of the local delicacies at the Pasticceria D’Angelo Antonio (no more than 10mins from the campsite door, near to the metro into Naples).



With tummies full of delicious pastries including the Baba au Rhum or the Zeppole di San Giuseppe it left little room for the cornettos (italian for croissants). Fully saited, we left via the amphitheatre towards further Neapolitan delights – both food or otherwise.

Striking up a conversation enroute, we spoke to a Bulgarian medic who set us off the right path through the hustle and bustle of downtown Naples… Naples rivals the other cities seen this trip but perhaps without the decadent art of Florence or stunning history of Strasbourg. Yet it more than makes up for this with character…. by the barrel-load.

A fitting metaphor as the apertivo before an infamous Neapolitan special clearly had been soaked in an oak barrel…. in a cosy spot on the side of the marina near the Castel del’Ovo. One that allowed us a chance to gaze at Mt Vesuvius across the placid harbour quay. Having racked up over 10,000 fitbit steps enroute, we tucked in merrily to the local specialities – bruschetta, stone baked pizza (Margherita of course!) and paccheri fritti… there is almost an obsession with frying food – in fact there is even a fried pizza… our arteries shrieked with angst at even the merest glimpse!!

Leaving both the port & castle behind we headed back up the hill to see the local street markets brimming full of fresh fruit before venturing across town to the architectural museum… Racking up yet another 5,000 steps we reached both this and our eventual station for home…

With aching feet, we started the journey back up the hill to the Camping Solfatara campsite with more food shopping in our hands for the girls next bakery blog…. see


A busy day, but a wonderful day…. a day full of life, laughter and hustle/bustle!!! A day to remember too as we breached the 20,000 fitbit steps mark that had been a target for a while!!! I’m sure we will sleep well tonight….!! So if we had jut one tip? It’d be to grab one of Napoli’s famous pizzas by the old fort side overlooking Mt Vesuvius before exploring the old food markets an side streets enroute back to the centre of Napoli




so where did we park the bus for the night?

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